30 December 2007

Further Improvements...

Yosh, since i had so much free time, i decided to tweak the blog a bit x) First, the color scheme. I still remember Bubbles commented the blog too bright, so i made it less brighter =p I also managed to finished 1 more banner for my blog.

The second improvement i would say is the banner rotation =) Yay, finally managed to make it work. All thanks to JugDesign (refer to the credits section) for providing the java script about the banner rotation. So now i can do more banner x)

As for life, no improvement at all, just lazying around until the break is over a week after new year >_>

A full hearties condolences to Mrs. Benazir Bhutto's family for the shocking tragedy that also shocked the whole world. I wish she finds peace and also to Pakistan.

Happy New Year 2008. Hope it will lead us to more prosperity and world peace =)


29 December 2007

Myself; Yourself

Yosh, i have awaken from my slumber and managed to finished this anime series that just ended x)

Myself; Yourself is a story about a guy that came back to his childhood place to continue his schooling. Our main actor is Hidaka Sana, once had to move out to a new house and he had to separate with all his childhood friends. Well, his first objective is of course, finding all his old friends back. Then together study, graduate, and live together.

This story is quite good to watch, plenty of comedy scenes i can say. But i can guarantee most of the viewers will be shocked in the later episodes as crisis by crisis and mysteries that hidden within some characters that totally unexpected. Well, i think only 2 or 3 characters that mystery-free >_> But being as a 13 episodes series, seriously i can't get enough of watching it =[ Well, what i can say is, in the beginning are all peaceful moments until a few episodes at the back, all the problems coming at once till make you "eh, eh? eh??!! <_< >_>"

But nevertheless, the ending can be considered as average. Well, as long as it doesn't leave the story hanging. But... i still felt like it is a little hanging since they won't show a complete reunion in the end =( Haha, a small spoiler for you all =p Anyways, i will give it 7/10. Nice opening song by Kaori is a plus =)


26 December 2007

Happy Holidays =)

Yeah, i have been lazy especially during the triple holidays break x) Anyways, Happy Eid Adha, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year 2008 to all that celebrating it =)

Ok, time for me to get lazy again =p


12 December 2007

FEI CSI * * * * * KL Grand Prix 2007

Yeah, this time i will tell u about the job i took last month =)

The logo of the event

This is an equestrian event where in this event, the horse has to jump across bars in order to finish. I bet most of you guys knew about it already x) So my job was basically have to become a driver that will carry the horse grooms (caretaker), riders, special guests, media, journalists, and anyone that related to the horses =)The event was held at the Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur from 23rd - 25th November 2007. But i worked 1 week earlier =p

The scenery with the stadium as the background

My first day of work was on sunday, where basically in that day i were busy taking all the cars that will be use during the event with some of my colleagues. The cars that was being used are Proton Waja and Proton Perdana model only. Well, i don't mind as long as it is safe for me to drive =p Lucky i got a new car, so the condition is still best =) Basically my work range is between this three:
KL International Airport <--> Mines Resort/Golden Palace hotel <--> Stadium a.k.a stable.

The stables inside the stadium

If you can see from the picture above, that is the horse stable. Some of the horses already arrived since before i start work (around Friday or Saturday i think because some of my seniors already worked earlier). Our main spot is the stadium a.k.a stable.

The lorries that carrying the horses

The horse is being transfer to the stable

When the night approaching, 3 lorries from the KL Municipal Council arrived carrying the rest of the horses for the competition. Well, my first time seeing horses from short distance, might as well as enjoy it x)

The horsey in the stable =)

As i mentioned before, my work is just to send them between those places. Although this job pays quite good, but i have to work as early as before 7am and usually got back home around 11pm - 1am =( Yeah, although driving might seems easy, but actually it is very tiring, plus not good for the backbone and the shoulders (as i my shoulders always got pain =[ ) Lucky most of the guests are very polite and friendly too, so it is easy to get along with them =) But some of them almost don't know how to speak in english, so it is quite troublesome to communicate.

The fish pond at the Mines/Palace Beach & Spa Resort

The cute turtle among the fishes x)

Usually early in the morning i'm assign to stand by at the Mines/Palace Beach & Spa Resort since my house is quite close to it. Most of the horse grooms staying here. Most of the time when there are no more or waiting for them, i usually sit besides the pond and play with the fishes in it. I think there got Koi/Carp, Goldfish, Municipal 'Bandaraya' fish (i dunno the fish name, but they always eat the green thing in the pond =p) and a turtle =)

The airplane is docking =)

The monorail (which the first time i know there is a monorail at the airport =p)

My next spot will be the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) where here i will need to wait for the guests arrival and send them to the hotel and send them back here during their departure. The guests that i took them to hotel are Lilian Zehm, Florian Meyer Zu Hartum, Toni Leviste, a french guy that i already forgotten his name, Ho Nai Yue (this guy is guest i like to chat with), and Ms Holly. But whenever i went to the airport, the first thing i would do is to stop by at a corn shop and bought the sweet corn cup x) I'm addicted to it xD

The not-best-part here is we have to wait them hours until they came out =( The worst case my friend got, the guest didn't arrive at all and were late informing the logistic department. Pity my friend. To make it much more worst, later he got a guest that totally forgot about her flight date as she was de-touring herself in Phuket before the event >_> So my friend had to wait for nothing again -_-

When the event closed its curtain, i had to sent some of the guests back to airport. I would like to express my thanks to Mr Ho Nai Yue and Mr Florian Meyer Zu Hartum for the tips x) Oh well, i gonna miss the sweet corn cup the most :'(

The front view of Palace of the Golden Horses

The Malaysian A1GP car was being displayed at the lobby

My last spot would be Palace of the Golden Horses where most of the horse riders and guests are staying. This place is quite big plus it is very busy since there are a lot of functions in the hotel itself that made the hotel very busy. But i guess here don't have the place to sit down and enjoy the nature like i usually did at the Beach & Spa Resort =( So basically a boring place to stand by >_> I hate when sending the guests back to their hotel around 5pm - 7pm as people are rushing back to home. There will be a mass of traffic jam that we have to go through since there is no other way =(

The event itself went well although i don't have the free time to watch the event =( So much for being hardworking <_< In the end, a Swiss named Markus Fuchs won the overall of the contest, so congratulation to him =)

The horses are going back

I gonna miss this guy :'(

So the event ended, and most of the people and the horses are going back too. I think 2 or 3 days was busy just sending them to the airport. There are some cases that they went by themselves without informing us first, grrr... =[ Well, finally watched as the horses are being transported back to the lorries. I gonna miss one of the horses belongs to Mr Cayetano Martinez de Irujo that i always play with :'( Well, he did bit me once, but it won't stop me from caressing and playing with him x)

In a building very near to KLCC where i collected my paycheck =p

As for the conclusion, it was a good experience for me when i was working with the event. I met lots of people and learn different kind of things especially about the horses x) This will be a memory i will never forget. If i still have the chance next time, i would like to take this job again x) There were lots of things that i wanted to write but that would make this a journal already if i do that <_< If the fate once again crosses my path, i will meet the horsey again x)

For more pictures and information, please visit here:


11 December 2007

Yet another boring week =[

Yea, yet another boring week for last week. The only news is that my classes are already started. So now i don't really have the free time to blog or do anything that i like to do =( Oh well, this is my 3rd year, final year, left only this semester and 1 more to go. After that i'll be graduating and get my first ever permanent job (hopefully =] ). Go go to myself *Gambatte*


06 December 2007

My Boss My Hero

Wait a minute, i suppose to write about the recent job i got, not a j-drama, oh well =p

My Boss My Hero is a J-drama that have been taken from the original series from Korea. This story is about the main character is the heir of the powerful yakuza, Sakaki Makio. He is goddamn strong but the main problem with this guy is he is stupid <_< He screwed up a big-time business transaction and his father (currently the 'Kumicho' yakuza boss) is very furious with him.

So in order to fixed his dumbness, his father decides to send him to a normal high school as a 17 years old student (although he is already 27 =p). So the class he got in is full of nerds and troublemakers. To make it worst, he is stupid to begin with that he don't know any math or even proper kanji.

There are many funny scenes in this drama, pudding rush, exposed during basketball, and many more.He has to hide all his yakuza identity so that the people won't find out. Basically, this is a drama for those that need a good laugh =) As for the conclusion, this drama is very good indeed as the main character itself is so damn funny, especially with his face expression x) I give it 9/10 for this drama. Hope you will enjoy as i did too =)


04 December 2007

The Beginning of The Final Year...

First of all, sorry that i didn't update the blog for a few weeks. Well, been busy with the work. Now finally the work ended, my 3rd year classes begun <_< Haih, not enough rest after the job, now to have to go to classes =( Oh well, for my future too.

Gaaaaaaaaah!!! Damn u virues =[ My laptop totally got pwned down by a virus that i got from my uni lab. Thanks to it, the whole system went haywire. I tried Nod32, AVG, Norton, McAfee, but still can't detect the virus... what the hell =[ So in the end, format the whole thing >_> Haih... will never trust the lab aver again i tell ya.

Oh yea, i guess i will write about the days when i were working later on. Look forward to it =)


18 November 2007

Part-time work

Today is the starting of my part-time work, as a VIP driver for an event =)I wonder how hectic it will be since my friend foxy said the first week will be hell. Oh well, i hope i can do and endure well, since the pay is very good =D Well, time to prepare to be abuse from the VIP is we are late (although they are the one that late >_>) It is just a 2 weeks job and my class will start on December. Godspeed.


14 November 2007

Times Square KL = Ladies Square? o_o

As i went to the Times Square at KL yesterday with my Lazy Piggy, i noticed 1 thing is definitely wrong with it. What is it u ask? Somehow inside there got too many, or should i say full of girls-based shop there o_o Shoes, makeups, nail polish, diamonds, ring, necklace, bags, clothings, and everything that a girl loves are there in Times Square. I guess they should rename it to Ladies Square soon >_>

But the only fun thing for boys there is the theme park xD Oh well, i guess the roller coaster there is quite decent. I want to enter but my Lazy Piggy don't want to =[

The entrance of the theme park in Times Square =)

Oh well, time to move on after a dreadful hours of shopping there x_x next stop, Sungei Wang plaza. Nothing much to do here except wandering around x) We did stop by at a you-can-see-though lingerie shop. I went in without caring what other people think hahaha xD In the end, we bought a nice pair of rings for us x)

Is it nice? =p

Rain started to falling like crazy as we are on the way back, haih =[ Oh well, i wonder where should i go shopping next time x)


08 November 2007

30 Days of Night

This movie is based on a place named Alaska where in certain time they will face 30 days without daylight (this is a normal phenomenon for cold areas). It is suppose to be a normal and as usual preparation to face the month-long night until a few weird cases occurred. Some of the residents opted to move to a place where have sunlight via plane.

So the people left there had their dogs killed ( i dunno for what purpose though), power cut off, and also communications. After that, a strange group of not-human-like attacked the village by sucking the blood (i guess) of the townspeople. Only a few survivors left and they are fighting with their luck to stay alive for 30 days to come.

Basically i think they are vampires since they feed on blood. Overall of the storyline is kinda bleak. If you already watched Resident Evil: Extinction before this, this movie is totally boring. Why i said that? It is because it is just the same thing, those freaks are sucking human blood and nothing special. The storyline also nothing much special as they battle their way through to keep them alive from those vampires.

The soundtrack of the movie is really disappointing and they made it much more worse when they can't place a suitable soundtrack for some scenes plus sometimes there are some sound mismatch in the movie =[ The horror doesn't end there. The movie itself seems have so many parts that have been cut off. I dunno if that was the cinema fault but seriously it is not very enjoying to watch =[[

To wrapped everything up, basically this is not a good movie to watch especially for those horror movie lover since there are no really special or unique thing about this movie. As for the rating, i can only give it 2/10.


06 November 2007

Mid Valley Megamall, a place to break your legs >_>

Yes, just like the title above, Mid Valley Megamall at Bangsar really a place where you can break your legs >_>

I went to Mid Valley yesterday with my lazy piggy. First we went for windows shopping and do a real shopping at Jusco and Carrefour =p We bought a movie ticket for 30 Days of Night since i heard it from the advertisement. Well, it is widelt advertised, i hoped it is good.

I think we got around less than 2 hours before the movie starts, that's why we decided to walk around the Mid Valley. So along the way my legs started getting tired already. Lucky i can sit for 2 hours when the movie started. Just got in the cinema, we had our lunch there, sushi =p (yea yea i know it is against the cinema rules to bring outside food, but i don't care =p). So the overall of the movie was suck =[ (i will review it later).

After that, another few hours of windows shopping until 7pm <_< (i was at Mid Valley from 11:45am you know >_>) My knees already at its limit. I bet if someone accidentally kicked my knees, i won't be able to get up anymore >_> So when my lazy piggy family is coming, then i took my leave and went back to my house =)

So when at home, i'm totally flat -_- I learned 1 lesson, "Shopping is Scary" xD


03 November 2007

Failed??? What the *tooooooooooot*

I just got my exams result a few days ago. At first glance it turned out pretty good. As i looked down, i saw a red line. It turned out i failed my marketing subject o_o i was like "what the hell is going on?". I knew i did my best in that paper and i knew all the answers. Somehow i end up fail, grrrrrr.

The shocked part doesn't end there. Some of my friends also failed, and some just barely pass. I really wonder what happen to the lecturer that was marking the paper? is he blind or what? o_o Oh well, anyways i've been told by the admin that i can pass the paper via compensation due to my marks were all good. Well, if all of my friends got very bad mark, then i might as well as launch an investigation to this matter. It is not cool to have a low grade =[


31 October 2007

Boring night?? Initial D mode, ON!! =p

Err.... did i said somewhere around that this night it would be boring? Hehe, i guess i got it all wrong xD Hell it was a need-for-speed thirst and adrenaline-pumping x)

In the evening, my friend and i went to Kazuto Garage (most car drifters will know this shop) to pick up the FC. At that time Soon (the shop owner) bring his Nissan Cefiro to his second shop, i was drooling on how the engine looks like xD He actually just got back from car even in Penang which he used that car.

This is his Cefiro. Dont underestimate its power =p

So when the night curtain starts to fall, all hell break loose xD My friends and I went to Bangi for a 'touge', or mountain pass to drive the car (pretending that we are the actual Initial D =p) It was a good run there.

Still feeling unsatisfied, we went to Putrajaya, to the beautiful bridge near the Mosque. What we have done there u ask? Haha... to those that were there last night, i would say sorry to what have we done x) We let the turbo in full-blast action on the bride xDDD The blow-off valve sound were really addictive i tell u <_< Yeah yeah i know, it is a very show-off, one of my friend idea, not mine >_> Not enough with that, we picked up a race with a Proton Waja. Hmmm.... i think during the race at the highway, we did go over exceed 160km/j xp Anyway, thank God we are still alive after those daredevil act ^^ and we will do it again =p

Posing in front of the FC, both of my friends. Left is the owner twins (but he claimed that this is his car when the other twins is not there =p) and right is our kamikaze driver =p

Gosh, 2am already, time to rest and keep those speed inside the head x)


30 October 2007

...and the jog begun~

Since i'm building too much fat, i started to jog like crazy x_x In the morning at 6am in front of my house and 6pm at the UPM. I hope i have the power to keep on going x) or end up dead somewhere in the track due to too much jogging xp Well, i hope to reduce some of the fat before my class starts back somewhere next month =)

Hmmm... i guess nothing special will happen today. Morning went to my uni to see my lazy piggy. Later in the evening will accompany my friend to take back his FC from the workshop. I hope i can drive the FC on the way back though x)


29 October 2007

Week review - Too lazy x)

Seriously i say, i've been lazy and slacking off this week, even too lazy to wake up and sit in front of the pc hahaha x) haih... thanks to that, now i'm building more fat >_> i guess i need to start my extensive training to get rid of the extra fat <_<

Nothing important in the weekdays, just a few. well, helped my friend to send his FC to Klang for repairs. The more i see that FC, the more feel i want to drift with it >_< The next agenda would be helping my lazy piggy. Haih... my lazy piggy always end up doing work at last minute x_x My lazy piggy surely need a spank in the ass later :-@

As for the weekends, full with open houses and of course, looooooootssss of foooooods xD and me u ask? Well, lost control in the middle of the food and end up making more fat... haaaaaiiiih.. damn it >_< 2 more weeks before the end of Eid month, so i guess i'll be making lots of fat in the process x___x


23 October 2007

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann


This anime is simply the best of all anime this year. It is mainly about mecha and human survival when their home planet is being conquered by beast man. These beast man ruled the surface of the earth while the normal human is being forced to live underground with limited resources.

Our main cast is Kamina and Simon, one is the big trouble maker to the village, and one is the digger.Kamina always dream to go out from the underground because he still have a vague memory of his dad took him to the surface. So basically the story is about them fighting all the way to the top, then to take down the beast man ruler.

The interesting part about this anime is that the story keeps on continue when they grew bigger/older with never ending crisis. The soundtrack also is quite interesting to hear since sometimes it mixed with rap music. Definitely a worth anime to watch. My favourite line "What the hell you think i am?" and "My drill shall pierce the heaven" x) Overall is 9/10.


Vroooom~ Weekend

The weekend had just passed, i guess i can say it is half interesting and half boring x) Well, in saturday I went to my friends house, still in Eid month x) I guess it is good to see them and talk to them after such a long time haven't meet them. But one thing for sure that i'm not satisfied, all of my friends didn't have Rendang o_o i want to eat Rendagggggg~~~ >_< (for those who didn't know what is rendang, Rendang in Wikipedia )

But that night is the most interesting. I just got informed that one of my friend finally had bought his dream car, a Mazda RX-7, FC. Well, time for a test drive xD Seriously, that car is amazing. Due to poor road condition, i'm unable to go full power, but only managed to achieved 0.3 turbo boost.It was a fantastic sensation i tell u x) I can't imagine if i can manage the full 0.8 turbo boost o_o Flying without wings~

Here is my friend's FC. The only 1 in Serdang x)

As for sunday, nothing to do except sleeeeeeeeeeeeep all day, haha xp Haih, i want to eat meat rendang and kerang (i forgot the name in english =p) rendang =(


20 October 2007

Shopping malls = shopping = dying x_x

For the record of my life, i had to went to 3 shopping malls. The result? I think a few screws in my knee's cap already went loose x_x Well, first went to Mid Valley megamall with my lazy piggy x) As usual, the first thing is to wander around every shop that we came across. Then we took our lunch at McD and watched Resident Evil: Extinction after that. Still, after the movie finished, the window shopping spree continues @_@

When i was at the mid valley ktm station, my mum called, saying she wants to eat pizza hut. Meh, so i had to rush back x_x Well, after reaching home, off we go with my mum, bro and sis. First destination, South City Plaza megamall, the terror begun. First shoes, then went to Giant and shop some more household stuff.

Last destination, Jaya Jusco at Equine Park. My mum once again goes on rampage by going to every shoe shop. In the end, she bought another new shoes -_- Oh well, we meet up with my another bro there since he was visiting his friend's house. It is Eid after all =) So we settled down at Pizza Hut there. Everyone else is eating pizza in peace except me because i put too much Tabasco at my pizza xD So i end up in red after leaving the pizza hut xp

My empty pizza pan =p

Oh well, time to rest up my knees x)


Resident Evil: Extinction

Since i watched it today, i might as well give a review about this movie =)

This movie continues from the last sequel Resident Evil: Apocalypse where Alice managed to escape from Umbrella. It seems like Dr. Isaacs is still conducting research and cloning Alice non-stop in order to find a perfect clone that similar to the original Alice.

The story kicks off with the view of Alice's nice body after bath (a little nudity here xD), so kids, make sure to close your eyes, if u managed to get in =p Anyway, our heroine, the real one, is traveling across the Nevada desert in order to find a place where Umbrella can't track her, and the zombies too. At the same time, Claire Redfield, Carlos (the guy from the previous sequel), and some more survivors are on a convoy from place to place to hide from those zombies.

Later on when they got attacked, Alice will show up and wipe 'em clean. Alice had to follow Claire's convoy due to the same destination, Alaska. In the mean time, Dr Isaacs is doing a sick research to the zombie and after that, the supercomputer managed to locate when is the real Alice (oh god v_v). Well, he gathered all the available forces to kill the real Alice, but end up getting bitten.

Back to the lab, he used almost all the anti-virus that being made from Alice clone's antibody. The result is bad and hence the appearance of the Tyrant. After that, i leave it all for you guys to watch =p

Overall of the story is good plus most things are taken from Resident Evil: Code Veronica game. Full of surprise scenes and very damn loud screaming voice until my girlfriend hides under her own clothes >_> Well, the ending seems like "to be continued" for me, but look what i found when doing Google search on the movie. I found "The third and final installment" description on the official site. I was like "what the.... o_O". Well, i just can hope there will be a 4th installment for Resident Evil. I can't wait for "i'll bring a few friends with me" quote =p I give 7/10 for the movie.

Next movie... i dunno. I'll go when i have the money xp


18 October 2007

Construction Underway~

As you guys can see, this blog now will undergo designing process x) Can't guarantee when it is going to finish =p

17 October 2007

I'm back!~..?

Finally i manage to wake up from my slumber and open this blog x) So i guess now it is the time for me to put some life in the blog and redesign it too =)

Since i just got back from my mom's hometown and also it is still the first week, Happy Aidilfitri/Eidulfitri/Eid to those that celebrated it after the 1 month long fasting =)


04 September 2007

Freeeeedooooo.... not yet >_>

Aaaaah, finally finished all the dreadful assignments x_x Now i'm free to do stuff like watching anime and movie and play bowling x)But still, need to study for my incoming final exams v_v

But as for now, anime here i comeeeeeee~ xD


23 August 2007

Busy.. buzy... beezee.... zzzzzzz

Haih... my blog looks dead... well, can't be helped since been quite busy with the assignments and tests. Next week 2 assignments need to be hand in at the 30th August. The best part is i just started building the system this week so.... i'm good as dead x__x Due to that, no movie v_v

Oh well, good luck to myself v_v


20 August 2007

Rush Hour 3 ~Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting~

Image Hosted by
Finally... after being so damn busy in the past few weeks, the review of Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3 starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker resulted in a very hilarious movie. The movie kicked off with Chan and Tucker actually kinda move their own way after Rush Hour 2 (well, Tucker killed Chan's Gf-suppose-to-be xD) As usual, bad guys will never rest. They plotted to kill the minister that Chan is protecting because their organization will be in threat if this minister exposed a secret list that named "Shy Shen" (if my memory serves me right =p) which listed the top 13 important gangster boss.

While the assassination is being carried out, our friend, Tucker is busying handling the traffic (yea, he done a 'very good' good in handling the traffic. He met Chan who is busy chasing the assassin. Thanks to Tucker's magic, the bad guy managed to escape >_>

Anyways, thanks to that, they had to team up together again to find the assassin and solve the "shy shen" list. The story background is focused on the city of France, Paris. When u watch this movie, make sure to pay attention to the taxi driver. He is hell a funny man later on xD

In summary, i can say that the movie really good for those that want to enjoy the humor. Chan n Tucker will make your stomach burst to tears xD But seriously when i was watching this movie, there was a girl the same seat line as me, laugh as loud as she can. To you guys out there, don't laugh too loud or it can annoy another people =p But 1 thing for sure a letdown for this movie, the storyline. It is too short and sudden. It is like one time u will be greet by the real bad guy, but 1 minute later, he got killed by....... haha.. u just watch and see. Seriously a letdown, plus a very short movie duration (around 1 hour 20 minutes i think).

Overall i can give 5/10 (plus for the jokes, minus the bad storyline)


08 August 2007

Assignment, Test, and..... Sick x_x

Whew.... tests coming like rain... this week just done with my business forecasting test, now next week will have my rapid application development test. At the same time also the business forecasting got its own assignment next week... haih... i'm dying if this continue to be like this x__x

As usual, the favorite desease that loooooove to infected me, flu, began to stuck me again v__v Since my classes are all in the most damn cold codition, so each class my condition will get worse and will never be better if these continues =( Oh well, i bought a flu medicine today. Hopefully it will work because tomorrow gonna watch Rush Hour 3 x)

Argh... my nose is 'leaking' again.. oh well, time to rest. Jackie Chan, here i come xD


The Simpson movie - Spiderpig~

Since i'm a fan of Futurama, i guess it is a must for me to go and watch this movie.

This time i'm not alone because foxy was accompanying me to watch Simpson the movie. The movie started at 9.45pm and since it was raining in the evening, inside the cinema was so damn cold x_x even worst, i forgot my jacket. Oh well... The movie started out pretty ok. Homer bluntly calling all in the cinema right now that is watching the movie is stupid xD

This movie mainly focus on the environmental issues. At the movie set, most of the springfield's citizen doesn't even care about their environment. They kept throwing rubbish into the lake. Lisa tried to persuade all the townfolks but all in vain. Oh yea, she met someone during the process. I dont wanna tell xp Brace yourself with homer dare bart to skate.... naked =p Later on, homer adopted a pig as his pet. I did laugh my ass of during the 'spiderpig' moment xD

The crisis became worse when homer 'accidentally' dumped his pet's poop into the lake. The government (lead by the Arnold) took action to kept all springfield's citizen into a dome where they cant come out anymore. Somehow the simpson managed to find the way out from the dome as the angry townfolk is blaming homer for the incident.

As conclusion, this movie is good to watch if you are a fan of simpson or futurama. But of course, if you want to enjoy the comedy, it is worth it. Besides environmental issues, it also focus on the family value, mostly about homer. Well, i can say it is a good movie. i can give it 6/10.

"Spiderpig, spiderpig,
does whatever a spiderpig does,
can he swing- from a web?
no he cant, he's a pig,
loooook out, he is the spiderpig!"

Next stop, Rush Hour 3 x)


02 August 2007


Since i accidentally watched this series a few days ago till end, i might as give some reviews x)

This story mostly is about a girl which has the ability to morph herself to a some sort of monster a.k.a witchblade. The witchblade is an item that being said as an ancient weapon to fight evil that have been pass generation to generations to the selected girl. The earth at that time just being stuck by an unknown incident that caused mass destruction (later you will know what the original cause). Due to the incident, mankind birth rate is declining. So a certain organization is taking an action to secure all the small kids to be put under their care until they are ready to walk on their own.

But of course that is not their real reason to forcefully adopt a child. Later you will know what they are doing to the children. As for our main character, Masane Amaha a.k.a masamune that being voiced by Mamiko Noto (Tsukamoto Yakumo in School Rumble, Nodoka Miyazaki in Negima) woke up during the incident with a small kid beside her. Later she decided to adopt the girl to becomes her own child. They will have to gone through several hardships along the way.

So my conclusion is, this anime is worth to watch. The ending also is quite touching =)

Whew, done with the review, now back to my revision, got 2 test on friday and monday next week x_____x


01 August 2007

So many people..... >_<

As usual, going to the class early in the morning and end up in a large crowd of new students. Most of them are from Indonesia and Botswana. Waaaaaaah, this is too many students @_@ Seriously, now it is harder to study thanks to them. Lab always full, when lunch by the time reaches 12pm, my favorite chicken rice would be sold out =( This is all the admin fault, too greedy and take more students even though there aren't enough classrooms anymore, damn u >_<

Haih... i can't take this anymore. 1 day i will surely crack and...... banzai >_> Arrrrrggggghhhh.... i need more anime and less assignments x___x


29 July 2007

Boring weekend...

It has been a bored weekend with nothing interesting to do except eating, sleeping, and do my assignments x__x That is life i guess for a student >_>

Friday was a nice day. Went lunch with someone and have a good time. But later then had to have a serious discussion in the library. From all the arguements, evenrything went ok i think =) I think as usual on friday i will eat too much, night market. Those fried kuew tiau and fried chicken really irresistable xD Nyum nyum, i finished it all in 1 night (although actually i planned to keep some for tomorrow use, but oh well xp). So in the end, i end up sleeping with my stomach full x)

Nothing can be better in the saturday, that is waking up late as i can haha xD But when i woke up, i realized there is no water (due to water cut in my house area). Aaaarrrhhhhh..... i had to rush back to my parent's house to take shower. Of course i had to take the bus. I hope i didnt smell bad while in the bus that day xDDD Since i'm at my parent's house, eaaaaaaaaaaaat xDDDD Damn..... when i gonna get slimmer if like this continue v___v Oh well, sleep. In the evening, went back to my rented house with foxy. He will check my pc that the network interface card malfunction due to thunder attack =( After a few minutes battling with my pc, the result is the thunder got my motherboard, or to be specific, it stuck my northbridge and damaged all the pci slots. Waaaaa....... how i gonna online like this????? >____<

The only option is to send my broken router (stuck by the same thunder) for repair so i can connect to the internet via wireless usb. That is my only hope, but it will take a month for repairs v___v Haih..... bummer... Oh well, the whole saturday night i just watched Gokusen the live action season 1 and 2 until 5am, then later "poof" x)

Sunday, couldnt get any better as i woke up around 12 if i'm not mistaken, then continue sleep until the evening xD When one of my housemate came back, then i just went shopping at Jusco near my house. After that, jogging time, time to get rid of the unnecessary fat in my stomach x) Damn... i made it 5 whole rounds. By the time i want to make my 6th round, my friend call it a day. Oh well, maybe next time i'll break my own personal jogging record x)

Today's dinner menu, you guess? =p It is instant noodle with some chinese cabbage and fried egg. Mmmmmmm yummy, for the sake of diet of course x__x Well, right now just doing my RAD assignment. Mmmmm.... almost 12am already. Time to close and save everything. Tomorrow have to wake up at 5am and catch the 6am bus. Another busy day awaits tomorrow ^_^


26 July 2007

It is the cookie!!! o_o

What the.... there is an alien invader that invaded my blog! it is the talking cookie xD Hehe... it is been a long time.

In other hand, Foxy, where are u~? I need u to look at my pc so i can online T___T

Rain oh rain...

Cis.. it is still raining even in the morning >_< I guess today is the normal day as usual, morning class, evening go back home. Well, just spent a little time modifying this blog. Haih.... need a lot things to do v_v

25 July 2007


Woke up in the morning and found myself in a deep sh*t, 6:20am, i'm late -_- Bathe like a kerbau (buffalo), iron my shirt then off to catch the bus. I guess today i really need to run to catch everything, had to ran to catch the bus and also to catch the train x_x Finallly made to my class on time.

Since the lecturer is on leave for my evening class, it is movie time xD So i went off to mid valley alone (sad... T_T) and bought the ticket.

Breathless... that is what i can say when was watching Die Hard 4.0 yesterday. Some scenes almost made my heart stopped and some also almost made me want to jump aside to avoid the incoming danger. Haha... i guess i put too much feeling to the movie x) Overall i can give it 9/10 although it is kinda disappointing that there are no many explosive scenes in the end or dramatic scenes. Oh well, at least the overall is good and not boring at all. After the movie, which end up around 9pm, it is rush-time back to my parent's house xD

Done with the usual stuff, time to rest. Haih... tomorrow have to wake up early again v_v


24 July 2007

Yosh... finally

Haha... finally i decided to try blogging xD

Hmmm.... seems i'm quite new to this blogging stuff, i guess i'll take my sweet time to learn all these stuff @_@ I guess i'll turn this blog into some my life and anime related x) Ok then, time to go study the blog stuff since my classes are already over for the day =)


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