29 July 2007

Boring weekend...

It has been a bored weekend with nothing interesting to do except eating, sleeping, and do my assignments x__x That is life i guess for a student >_>

Friday was a nice day. Went lunch with someone and have a good time. But later then had to have a serious discussion in the library. From all the arguements, evenrything went ok i think =) I think as usual on friday i will eat too much, night market. Those fried kuew tiau and fried chicken really irresistable xD Nyum nyum, i finished it all in 1 night (although actually i planned to keep some for tomorrow use, but oh well xp). So in the end, i end up sleeping with my stomach full x)

Nothing can be better in the saturday, that is waking up late as i can haha xD But when i woke up, i realized there is no water (due to water cut in my house area). Aaaarrrhhhhh..... i had to rush back to my parent's house to take shower. Of course i had to take the bus. I hope i didnt smell bad while in the bus that day xDDD Since i'm at my parent's house, eaaaaaaaaaaaat xDDDD Damn..... when i gonna get slimmer if like this continue v___v Oh well, sleep. In the evening, went back to my rented house with foxy. He will check my pc that the network interface card malfunction due to thunder attack =( After a few minutes battling with my pc, the result is the thunder got my motherboard, or to be specific, it stuck my northbridge and damaged all the pci slots. Waaaaa....... how i gonna online like this????? >____<

The only option is to send my broken router (stuck by the same thunder) for repair so i can connect to the internet via wireless usb. That is my only hope, but it will take a month for repairs v___v Haih..... bummer... Oh well, the whole saturday night i just watched Gokusen the live action season 1 and 2 until 5am, then later "poof" x)

Sunday, couldnt get any better as i woke up around 12 if i'm not mistaken, then continue sleep until the evening xD When one of my housemate came back, then i just went shopping at Jusco near my house. After that, jogging time, time to get rid of the unnecessary fat in my stomach x) Damn... i made it 5 whole rounds. By the time i want to make my 6th round, my friend call it a day. Oh well, maybe next time i'll break my own personal jogging record x)

Today's dinner menu, you guess? =p It is instant noodle with some chinese cabbage and fried egg. Mmmmmmm yummy, for the sake of diet of course x__x Well, right now just doing my RAD assignment. Mmmmm.... almost 12am already. Time to close and save everything. Tomorrow have to wake up at 5am and catch the 6am bus. Another busy day awaits tomorrow ^_^


26 July 2007

It is the cookie!!! o_o

What the.... there is an alien invader that invaded my blog! it is the talking cookie xD Hehe... it is been a long time.

In other hand, Foxy, where are u~? I need u to look at my pc so i can online T___T

Rain oh rain...

Cis.. it is still raining even in the morning >_< I guess today is the normal day as usual, morning class, evening go back home. Well, just spent a little time modifying this blog. Haih.... need a lot things to do v_v

25 July 2007


Woke up in the morning and found myself in a deep sh*t, 6:20am, i'm late -_- Bathe like a kerbau (buffalo), iron my shirt then off to catch the bus. I guess today i really need to run to catch everything, had to ran to catch the bus and also to catch the train x_x Finallly made to my class on time.

Since the lecturer is on leave for my evening class, it is movie time xD So i went off to mid valley alone (sad... T_T) and bought the ticket.

Breathless... that is what i can say when was watching Die Hard 4.0 yesterday. Some scenes almost made my heart stopped and some also almost made me want to jump aside to avoid the incoming danger. Haha... i guess i put too much feeling to the movie x) Overall i can give it 9/10 although it is kinda disappointing that there are no many explosive scenes in the end or dramatic scenes. Oh well, at least the overall is good and not boring at all. After the movie, which end up around 9pm, it is rush-time back to my parent's house xD

Done with the usual stuff, time to rest. Haih... tomorrow have to wake up early again v_v


24 July 2007

Yosh... finally

Haha... finally i decided to try blogging xD

Hmmm.... seems i'm quite new to this blogging stuff, i guess i'll take my sweet time to learn all these stuff @_@ I guess i'll turn this blog into some my life and anime related x) Ok then, time to go study the blog stuff since my classes are already over for the day =)


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