23 August 2007

Busy.. buzy... beezee.... zzzzzzz

Haih... my blog looks dead... well, can't be helped since been quite busy with the assignments and tests. Next week 2 assignments need to be hand in at the 30th August. The best part is i just started building the system this week so.... i'm good as dead x__x Due to that, no movie v_v

Oh well, good luck to myself v_v


20 August 2007

Rush Hour 3 ~Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting~

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Finally... after being so damn busy in the past few weeks, the review of Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3 starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker resulted in a very hilarious movie. The movie kicked off with Chan and Tucker actually kinda move their own way after Rush Hour 2 (well, Tucker killed Chan's Gf-suppose-to-be xD) As usual, bad guys will never rest. They plotted to kill the minister that Chan is protecting because their organization will be in threat if this minister exposed a secret list that named "Shy Shen" (if my memory serves me right =p) which listed the top 13 important gangster boss.

While the assassination is being carried out, our friend, Tucker is busying handling the traffic (yea, he done a 'very good' good in handling the traffic. He met Chan who is busy chasing the assassin. Thanks to Tucker's magic, the bad guy managed to escape >_>

Anyways, thanks to that, they had to team up together again to find the assassin and solve the "shy shen" list. The story background is focused on the city of France, Paris. When u watch this movie, make sure to pay attention to the taxi driver. He is hell a funny man later on xD

In summary, i can say that the movie really good for those that want to enjoy the humor. Chan n Tucker will make your stomach burst to tears xD But seriously when i was watching this movie, there was a girl the same seat line as me, laugh as loud as she can. To you guys out there, don't laugh too loud or it can annoy another people =p But 1 thing for sure a letdown for this movie, the storyline. It is too short and sudden. It is like one time u will be greet by the real bad guy, but 1 minute later, he got killed by....... haha.. u just watch and see. Seriously a letdown, plus a very short movie duration (around 1 hour 20 minutes i think).

Overall i can give 5/10 (plus for the jokes, minus the bad storyline)


08 August 2007

Assignment, Test, and..... Sick x_x

Whew.... tests coming like rain... this week just done with my business forecasting test, now next week will have my rapid application development test. At the same time also the business forecasting got its own assignment next week... haih... i'm dying if this continue to be like this x__x

As usual, the favorite desease that loooooove to infected me, flu, began to stuck me again v__v Since my classes are all in the most damn cold codition, so each class my condition will get worse and will never be better if these continues =( Oh well, i bought a flu medicine today. Hopefully it will work because tomorrow gonna watch Rush Hour 3 x)

Argh... my nose is 'leaking' again.. oh well, time to rest. Jackie Chan, here i come xD


The Simpson movie - Spiderpig~

Since i'm a fan of Futurama, i guess it is a must for me to go and watch this movie.

This time i'm not alone because foxy was accompanying me to watch Simpson the movie. The movie started at 9.45pm and since it was raining in the evening, inside the cinema was so damn cold x_x even worst, i forgot my jacket. Oh well... The movie started out pretty ok. Homer bluntly calling all in the cinema right now that is watching the movie is stupid xD

This movie mainly focus on the environmental issues. At the movie set, most of the springfield's citizen doesn't even care about their environment. They kept throwing rubbish into the lake. Lisa tried to persuade all the townfolks but all in vain. Oh yea, she met someone during the process. I dont wanna tell xp Brace yourself with homer dare bart to skate.... naked =p Later on, homer adopted a pig as his pet. I did laugh my ass of during the 'spiderpig' moment xD

The crisis became worse when homer 'accidentally' dumped his pet's poop into the lake. The government (lead by the Arnold) took action to kept all springfield's citizen into a dome where they cant come out anymore. Somehow the simpson managed to find the way out from the dome as the angry townfolk is blaming homer for the incident.

As conclusion, this movie is good to watch if you are a fan of simpson or futurama. But of course, if you want to enjoy the comedy, it is worth it. Besides environmental issues, it also focus on the family value, mostly about homer. Well, i can say it is a good movie. i can give it 6/10.

"Spiderpig, spiderpig,
does whatever a spiderpig does,
can he swing- from a web?
no he cant, he's a pig,
loooook out, he is the spiderpig!"

Next stop, Rush Hour 3 x)


02 August 2007


Since i accidentally watched this series a few days ago till end, i might as give some reviews x)

This story mostly is about a girl which has the ability to morph herself to a some sort of monster a.k.a witchblade. The witchblade is an item that being said as an ancient weapon to fight evil that have been pass generation to generations to the selected girl. The earth at that time just being stuck by an unknown incident that caused mass destruction (later you will know what the original cause). Due to the incident, mankind birth rate is declining. So a certain organization is taking an action to secure all the small kids to be put under their care until they are ready to walk on their own.

But of course that is not their real reason to forcefully adopt a child. Later you will know what they are doing to the children. As for our main character, Masane Amaha a.k.a masamune that being voiced by Mamiko Noto (Tsukamoto Yakumo in School Rumble, Nodoka Miyazaki in Negima) woke up during the incident with a small kid beside her. Later she decided to adopt the girl to becomes her own child. They will have to gone through several hardships along the way.

So my conclusion is, this anime is worth to watch. The ending also is quite touching =)

Whew, done with the review, now back to my revision, got 2 test on friday and monday next week x_____x


01 August 2007

So many people..... >_<

As usual, going to the class early in the morning and end up in a large crowd of new students. Most of them are from Indonesia and Botswana. Waaaaaaah, this is too many students @_@ Seriously, now it is harder to study thanks to them. Lab always full, when lunch by the time reaches 12pm, my favorite chicken rice would be sold out =( This is all the admin fault, too greedy and take more students even though there aren't enough classrooms anymore, damn u >_<

Haih... i can't take this anymore. 1 day i will surely crack and...... banzai >_> Arrrrrggggghhhh.... i need more anime and less assignments x___x

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