20 August 2007

Rush Hour 3 ~Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting~

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Finally... after being so damn busy in the past few weeks, the review of Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3 starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker resulted in a very hilarious movie. The movie kicked off with Chan and Tucker actually kinda move their own way after Rush Hour 2 (well, Tucker killed Chan's Gf-suppose-to-be xD) As usual, bad guys will never rest. They plotted to kill the minister that Chan is protecting because their organization will be in threat if this minister exposed a secret list that named "Shy Shen" (if my memory serves me right =p) which listed the top 13 important gangster boss.

While the assassination is being carried out, our friend, Tucker is busying handling the traffic (yea, he done a 'very good' good in handling the traffic. He met Chan who is busy chasing the assassin. Thanks to Tucker's magic, the bad guy managed to escape >_>

Anyways, thanks to that, they had to team up together again to find the assassin and solve the "shy shen" list. The story background is focused on the city of France, Paris. When u watch this movie, make sure to pay attention to the taxi driver. He is hell a funny man later on xD

In summary, i can say that the movie really good for those that want to enjoy the humor. Chan n Tucker will make your stomach burst to tears xD But seriously when i was watching this movie, there was a girl the same seat line as me, laugh as loud as she can. To you guys out there, don't laugh too loud or it can annoy another people =p But 1 thing for sure a letdown for this movie, the storyline. It is too short and sudden. It is like one time u will be greet by the real bad guy, but 1 minute later, he got killed by....... haha.. u just watch and see. Seriously a letdown, plus a very short movie duration (around 1 hour 20 minutes i think).

Overall i can give 5/10 (plus for the jokes, minus the bad storyline)


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