08 August 2007

The Simpson movie - Spiderpig~

Since i'm a fan of Futurama, i guess it is a must for me to go and watch this movie.

This time i'm not alone because foxy was accompanying me to watch Simpson the movie. The movie started at 9.45pm and since it was raining in the evening, inside the cinema was so damn cold x_x even worst, i forgot my jacket. Oh well... The movie started out pretty ok. Homer bluntly calling all in the cinema right now that is watching the movie is stupid xD

This movie mainly focus on the environmental issues. At the movie set, most of the springfield's citizen doesn't even care about their environment. They kept throwing rubbish into the lake. Lisa tried to persuade all the townfolks but all in vain. Oh yea, she met someone during the process. I dont wanna tell xp Brace yourself with homer dare bart to skate.... naked =p Later on, homer adopted a pig as his pet. I did laugh my ass of during the 'spiderpig' moment xD

The crisis became worse when homer 'accidentally' dumped his pet's poop into the lake. The government (lead by the Arnold) took action to kept all springfield's citizen into a dome where they cant come out anymore. Somehow the simpson managed to find the way out from the dome as the angry townfolk is blaming homer for the incident.

As conclusion, this movie is good to watch if you are a fan of simpson or futurama. But of course, if you want to enjoy the comedy, it is worth it. Besides environmental issues, it also focus on the family value, mostly about homer. Well, i can say it is a good movie. i can give it 6/10.

"Spiderpig, spiderpig,
does whatever a spiderpig does,
can he swing- from a web?
no he cant, he's a pig,
loooook out, he is the spiderpig!"

Next stop, Rush Hour 3 x)



Talking Maou Cookie of Madness! said...

just watched the Bourne Ultimatum
I think you might like it awa-chan ^_~

Heaven's Cloud said...

ooo... that movie should be released in Malaysia around 27th september

Cookie cookie said...

Oooh really? that late?
It's GOOD!!! :D Go see it when it comes out. ^^

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