31 October 2007

Boring night?? Initial D mode, ON!! =p

Err.... did i said somewhere around that this night it would be boring? Hehe, i guess i got it all wrong xD Hell it was a need-for-speed thirst and adrenaline-pumping x)

In the evening, my friend and i went to Kazuto Garage (most car drifters will know this shop) to pick up the FC. At that time Soon (the shop owner) bring his Nissan Cefiro to his second shop, i was drooling on how the engine looks like xD He actually just got back from car even in Penang which he used that car.

This is his Cefiro. Dont underestimate its power =p

So when the night curtain starts to fall, all hell break loose xD My friends and I went to Bangi for a 'touge', or mountain pass to drive the car (pretending that we are the actual Initial D =p) It was a good run there.

Still feeling unsatisfied, we went to Putrajaya, to the beautiful bridge near the Mosque. What we have done there u ask? Haha... to those that were there last night, i would say sorry to what have we done x) We let the turbo in full-blast action on the bride xDDD The blow-off valve sound were really addictive i tell u <_< Yeah yeah i know, it is a very show-off, one of my friend idea, not mine >_> Not enough with that, we picked up a race with a Proton Waja. Hmmm.... i think during the race at the highway, we did go over exceed 160km/j xp Anyway, thank God we are still alive after those daredevil act ^^ and we will do it again =p

Posing in front of the FC, both of my friends. Left is the owner twins (but he claimed that this is his car when the other twins is not there =p) and right is our kamikaze driver =p

Gosh, 2am already, time to rest and keep those speed inside the head x)


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