23 October 2007

Vroooom~ Weekend

The weekend had just passed, i guess i can say it is half interesting and half boring x) Well, in saturday I went to my friends house, still in Eid month x) I guess it is good to see them and talk to them after such a long time haven't meet them. But one thing for sure that i'm not satisfied, all of my friends didn't have Rendang o_o i want to eat Rendagggggg~~~ >_< (for those who didn't know what is rendang, Rendang in Wikipedia )

But that night is the most interesting. I just got informed that one of my friend finally had bought his dream car, a Mazda RX-7, FC. Well, time for a test drive xD Seriously, that car is amazing. Due to poor road condition, i'm unable to go full power, but only managed to achieved 0.3 turbo boost.It was a fantastic sensation i tell u x) I can't imagine if i can manage the full 0.8 turbo boost o_o Flying without wings~

Here is my friend's FC. The only 1 in Serdang x)

As for sunday, nothing to do except sleeeeeeeeeeeeep all day, haha xp Haih, i want to eat meat rendang and kerang (i forgot the name in english =p) rendang =(


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