20 October 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

Since i watched it today, i might as well give a review about this movie =)

This movie continues from the last sequel Resident Evil: Apocalypse where Alice managed to escape from Umbrella. It seems like Dr. Isaacs is still conducting research and cloning Alice non-stop in order to find a perfect clone that similar to the original Alice.

The story kicks off with the view of Alice's nice body after bath (a little nudity here xD), so kids, make sure to close your eyes, if u managed to get in =p Anyway, our heroine, the real one, is traveling across the Nevada desert in order to find a place where Umbrella can't track her, and the zombies too. At the same time, Claire Redfield, Carlos (the guy from the previous sequel), and some more survivors are on a convoy from place to place to hide from those zombies.

Later on when they got attacked, Alice will show up and wipe 'em clean. Alice had to follow Claire's convoy due to the same destination, Alaska. In the mean time, Dr Isaacs is doing a sick research to the zombie and after that, the supercomputer managed to locate when is the real Alice (oh god v_v). Well, he gathered all the available forces to kill the real Alice, but end up getting bitten.

Back to the lab, he used almost all the anti-virus that being made from Alice clone's antibody. The result is bad and hence the appearance of the Tyrant. After that, i leave it all for you guys to watch =p

Overall of the story is good plus most things are taken from Resident Evil: Code Veronica game. Full of surprise scenes and very damn loud screaming voice until my girlfriend hides under her own clothes >_> Well, the ending seems like "to be continued" for me, but look what i found when doing Google search on the movie. I found "The third and final installment" description on the official site. I was like "what the.... o_O". Well, i just can hope there will be a 4th installment for Resident Evil. I can't wait for "i'll bring a few friends with me" quote =p I give 7/10 for the movie.

Next movie... i dunno. I'll go when i have the money xp


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