20 October 2007

Shopping malls = shopping = dying x_x

For the record of my life, i had to went to 3 shopping malls. The result? I think a few screws in my knee's cap already went loose x_x Well, first went to Mid Valley megamall with my lazy piggy x) As usual, the first thing is to wander around every shop that we came across. Then we took our lunch at McD and watched Resident Evil: Extinction after that. Still, after the movie finished, the window shopping spree continues @_@

When i was at the mid valley ktm station, my mum called, saying she wants to eat pizza hut. Meh, so i had to rush back x_x Well, after reaching home, off we go with my mum, bro and sis. First destination, South City Plaza megamall, the terror begun. First shoes, then went to Giant and shop some more household stuff.

Last destination, Jaya Jusco at Equine Park. My mum once again goes on rampage by going to every shoe shop. In the end, she bought another new shoes -_- Oh well, we meet up with my another bro there since he was visiting his friend's house. It is Eid after all =) So we settled down at Pizza Hut there. Everyone else is eating pizza in peace except me because i put too much Tabasco at my pizza xD So i end up in red after leaving the pizza hut xp

My empty pizza pan =p

Oh well, time to rest up my knees x)


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