23 October 2007

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann


This anime is simply the best of all anime this year. It is mainly about mecha and human survival when their home planet is being conquered by beast man. These beast man ruled the surface of the earth while the normal human is being forced to live underground with limited resources.

Our main cast is Kamina and Simon, one is the big trouble maker to the village, and one is the digger.Kamina always dream to go out from the underground because he still have a vague memory of his dad took him to the surface. So basically the story is about them fighting all the way to the top, then to take down the beast man ruler.

The interesting part about this anime is that the story keeps on continue when they grew bigger/older with never ending crisis. The soundtrack also is quite interesting to hear since sometimes it mixed with rap music. Definitely a worth anime to watch. My favourite line "What the hell you think i am?" and "My drill shall pierce the heaven" x) Overall is 9/10.


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