29 October 2007

Week review - Too lazy x)

Seriously i say, i've been lazy and slacking off this week, even too lazy to wake up and sit in front of the pc hahaha x) haih... thanks to that, now i'm building more fat >_> i guess i need to start my extensive training to get rid of the extra fat <_<

Nothing important in the weekdays, just a few. well, helped my friend to send his FC to Klang for repairs. The more i see that FC, the more feel i want to drift with it >_< The next agenda would be helping my lazy piggy. Haih... my lazy piggy always end up doing work at last minute x_x My lazy piggy surely need a spank in the ass later :-@

As for the weekends, full with open houses and of course, looooooootssss of foooooods xD and me u ask? Well, lost control in the middle of the food and end up making more fat... haaaaaiiiih.. damn it >_< 2 more weeks before the end of Eid month, so i guess i'll be making lots of fat in the process x___x


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