18 November 2007

Part-time work

Today is the starting of my part-time work, as a VIP driver for an event =)I wonder how hectic it will be since my friend foxy said the first week will be hell. Oh well, i hope i can do and endure well, since the pay is very good =D Well, time to prepare to be abuse from the VIP is we are late (although they are the one that late >_>) It is just a 2 weeks job and my class will start on December. Godspeed.


14 November 2007

Times Square KL = Ladies Square? o_o

As i went to the Times Square at KL yesterday with my Lazy Piggy, i noticed 1 thing is definitely wrong with it. What is it u ask? Somehow inside there got too many, or should i say full of girls-based shop there o_o Shoes, makeups, nail polish, diamonds, ring, necklace, bags, clothings, and everything that a girl loves are there in Times Square. I guess they should rename it to Ladies Square soon >_>

But the only fun thing for boys there is the theme park xD Oh well, i guess the roller coaster there is quite decent. I want to enter but my Lazy Piggy don't want to =[

The entrance of the theme park in Times Square =)

Oh well, time to move on after a dreadful hours of shopping there x_x next stop, Sungei Wang plaza. Nothing much to do here except wandering around x) We did stop by at a you-can-see-though lingerie shop. I went in without caring what other people think hahaha xD In the end, we bought a nice pair of rings for us x)

Is it nice? =p

Rain started to falling like crazy as we are on the way back, haih =[ Oh well, i wonder where should i go shopping next time x)


08 November 2007

30 Days of Night

This movie is based on a place named Alaska where in certain time they will face 30 days without daylight (this is a normal phenomenon for cold areas). It is suppose to be a normal and as usual preparation to face the month-long night until a few weird cases occurred. Some of the residents opted to move to a place where have sunlight via plane.

So the people left there had their dogs killed ( i dunno for what purpose though), power cut off, and also communications. After that, a strange group of not-human-like attacked the village by sucking the blood (i guess) of the townspeople. Only a few survivors left and they are fighting with their luck to stay alive for 30 days to come.

Basically i think they are vampires since they feed on blood. Overall of the storyline is kinda bleak. If you already watched Resident Evil: Extinction before this, this movie is totally boring. Why i said that? It is because it is just the same thing, those freaks are sucking human blood and nothing special. The storyline also nothing much special as they battle their way through to keep them alive from those vampires.

The soundtrack of the movie is really disappointing and they made it much more worse when they can't place a suitable soundtrack for some scenes plus sometimes there are some sound mismatch in the movie =[ The horror doesn't end there. The movie itself seems have so many parts that have been cut off. I dunno if that was the cinema fault but seriously it is not very enjoying to watch =[[

To wrapped everything up, basically this is not a good movie to watch especially for those horror movie lover since there are no really special or unique thing about this movie. As for the rating, i can only give it 2/10.


06 November 2007

Mid Valley Megamall, a place to break your legs >_>

Yes, just like the title above, Mid Valley Megamall at Bangsar really a place where you can break your legs >_>

I went to Mid Valley yesterday with my lazy piggy. First we went for windows shopping and do a real shopping at Jusco and Carrefour =p We bought a movie ticket for 30 Days of Night since i heard it from the advertisement. Well, it is widelt advertised, i hoped it is good.

I think we got around less than 2 hours before the movie starts, that's why we decided to walk around the Mid Valley. So along the way my legs started getting tired already. Lucky i can sit for 2 hours when the movie started. Just got in the cinema, we had our lunch there, sushi =p (yea yea i know it is against the cinema rules to bring outside food, but i don't care =p). So the overall of the movie was suck =[ (i will review it later).

After that, another few hours of windows shopping until 7pm <_< (i was at Mid Valley from 11:45am you know >_>) My knees already at its limit. I bet if someone accidentally kicked my knees, i won't be able to get up anymore >_> So when my lazy piggy family is coming, then i took my leave and went back to my house =)

So when at home, i'm totally flat -_- I learned 1 lesson, "Shopping is Scary" xD


03 November 2007

Failed??? What the *tooooooooooot*

I just got my exams result a few days ago. At first glance it turned out pretty good. As i looked down, i saw a red line. It turned out i failed my marketing subject o_o i was like "what the hell is going on?". I knew i did my best in that paper and i knew all the answers. Somehow i end up fail, grrrrrr.

The shocked part doesn't end there. Some of my friends also failed, and some just barely pass. I really wonder what happen to the lecturer that was marking the paper? is he blind or what? o_o Oh well, anyways i've been told by the admin that i can pass the paper via compensation due to my marks were all good. Well, if all of my friends got very bad mark, then i might as well as launch an investigation to this matter. It is not cool to have a low grade =[

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