03 November 2007

Failed??? What the *tooooooooooot*

I just got my exams result a few days ago. At first glance it turned out pretty good. As i looked down, i saw a red line. It turned out i failed my marketing subject o_o i was like "what the hell is going on?". I knew i did my best in that paper and i knew all the answers. Somehow i end up fail, grrrrrr.

The shocked part doesn't end there. Some of my friends also failed, and some just barely pass. I really wonder what happen to the lecturer that was marking the paper? is he blind or what? o_o Oh well, anyways i've been told by the admin that i can pass the paper via compensation due to my marks were all good. Well, if all of my friends got very bad mark, then i might as well as launch an investigation to this matter. It is not cool to have a low grade =[



Megan said...

Damn girl! That really sucks!!

Drummer Boy Dan said...


i know the feeling of failing a subject all to well dude. But at least you easily can get a supplimentary paper...i actually have to APPLY for it.

well good luck to you, and me (my results will be coming out i-don't-know-when....>.<)

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