06 November 2007

Mid Valley Megamall, a place to break your legs >_>

Yes, just like the title above, Mid Valley Megamall at Bangsar really a place where you can break your legs >_>

I went to Mid Valley yesterday with my lazy piggy. First we went for windows shopping and do a real shopping at Jusco and Carrefour =p We bought a movie ticket for 30 Days of Night since i heard it from the advertisement. Well, it is widelt advertised, i hoped it is good.

I think we got around less than 2 hours before the movie starts, that's why we decided to walk around the Mid Valley. So along the way my legs started getting tired already. Lucky i can sit for 2 hours when the movie started. Just got in the cinema, we had our lunch there, sushi =p (yea yea i know it is against the cinema rules to bring outside food, but i don't care =p). So the overall of the movie was suck =[ (i will review it later).

After that, another few hours of windows shopping until 7pm <_< (i was at Mid Valley from 11:45am you know >_>) My knees already at its limit. I bet if someone accidentally kicked my knees, i won't be able to get up anymore >_> So when my lazy piggy family is coming, then i took my leave and went back to my house =)

So when at home, i'm totally flat -_- I learned 1 lesson, "Shopping is Scary" xD



Drummer Boy Dan said...

hey dude, you should exercise more often ahaha that way your knees won't give up that easily. more sitting in front of the computer and doing anime marathon~!


Heaven's Cloud said...

oooo making fun of me yea o_o

hahaha, i'm doing my exercise regularly now. But still, going shopping for hours is deadly >_>

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