14 November 2007

Times Square KL = Ladies Square? o_o

As i went to the Times Square at KL yesterday with my Lazy Piggy, i noticed 1 thing is definitely wrong with it. What is it u ask? Somehow inside there got too many, or should i say full of girls-based shop there o_o Shoes, makeups, nail polish, diamonds, ring, necklace, bags, clothings, and everything that a girl loves are there in Times Square. I guess they should rename it to Ladies Square soon >_>

But the only fun thing for boys there is the theme park xD Oh well, i guess the roller coaster there is quite decent. I want to enter but my Lazy Piggy don't want to =[

The entrance of the theme park in Times Square =)

Oh well, time to move on after a dreadful hours of shopping there x_x next stop, Sungei Wang plaza. Nothing much to do here except wandering around x) We did stop by at a you-can-see-though lingerie shop. I went in without caring what other people think hahaha xD In the end, we bought a nice pair of rings for us x)

Is it nice? =p

Rain started to falling like crazy as we are on the way back, haih =[ Oh well, i wonder where should i go shopping next time x)


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