30 December 2007

Further Improvements...

Yosh, since i had so much free time, i decided to tweak the blog a bit x) First, the color scheme. I still remember Bubbles commented the blog too bright, so i made it less brighter =p I also managed to finished 1 more banner for my blog.

The second improvement i would say is the banner rotation =) Yay, finally managed to make it work. All thanks to JugDesign (refer to the credits section) for providing the java script about the banner rotation. So now i can do more banner x)

As for life, no improvement at all, just lazying around until the break is over a week after new year >_>

A full hearties condolences to Mrs. Benazir Bhutto's family for the shocking tragedy that also shocked the whole world. I wish she finds peace and also to Pakistan.

Happy New Year 2008. Hope it will lead us to more prosperity and world peace =)


29 December 2007

Myself; Yourself

Yosh, i have awaken from my slumber and managed to finished this anime series that just ended x)

Myself; Yourself is a story about a guy that came back to his childhood place to continue his schooling. Our main actor is Hidaka Sana, once had to move out to a new house and he had to separate with all his childhood friends. Well, his first objective is of course, finding all his old friends back. Then together study, graduate, and live together.

This story is quite good to watch, plenty of comedy scenes i can say. But i can guarantee most of the viewers will be shocked in the later episodes as crisis by crisis and mysteries that hidden within some characters that totally unexpected. Well, i think only 2 or 3 characters that mystery-free >_> But being as a 13 episodes series, seriously i can't get enough of watching it =[ Well, what i can say is, in the beginning are all peaceful moments until a few episodes at the back, all the problems coming at once till make you "eh, eh? eh??!! <_< >_>"

But nevertheless, the ending can be considered as average. Well, as long as it doesn't leave the story hanging. But... i still felt like it is a little hanging since they won't show a complete reunion in the end =( Haha, a small spoiler for you all =p Anyways, i will give it 7/10. Nice opening song by Kaori is a plus =)


26 December 2007

Happy Holidays =)

Yeah, i have been lazy especially during the triple holidays break x) Anyways, Happy Eid Adha, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year 2008 to all that celebrating it =)

Ok, time for me to get lazy again =p


12 December 2007

FEI CSI * * * * * KL Grand Prix 2007

Yeah, this time i will tell u about the job i took last month =)

The logo of the event

This is an equestrian event where in this event, the horse has to jump across bars in order to finish. I bet most of you guys knew about it already x) So my job was basically have to become a driver that will carry the horse grooms (caretaker), riders, special guests, media, journalists, and anyone that related to the horses =)The event was held at the Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur from 23rd - 25th November 2007. But i worked 1 week earlier =p

The scenery with the stadium as the background

My first day of work was on sunday, where basically in that day i were busy taking all the cars that will be use during the event with some of my colleagues. The cars that was being used are Proton Waja and Proton Perdana model only. Well, i don't mind as long as it is safe for me to drive =p Lucky i got a new car, so the condition is still best =) Basically my work range is between this three:
KL International Airport <--> Mines Resort/Golden Palace hotel <--> Stadium a.k.a stable.

The stables inside the stadium

If you can see from the picture above, that is the horse stable. Some of the horses already arrived since before i start work (around Friday or Saturday i think because some of my seniors already worked earlier). Our main spot is the stadium a.k.a stable.

The lorries that carrying the horses

The horse is being transfer to the stable

When the night approaching, 3 lorries from the KL Municipal Council arrived carrying the rest of the horses for the competition. Well, my first time seeing horses from short distance, might as well as enjoy it x)

The horsey in the stable =)

As i mentioned before, my work is just to send them between those places. Although this job pays quite good, but i have to work as early as before 7am and usually got back home around 11pm - 1am =( Yeah, although driving might seems easy, but actually it is very tiring, plus not good for the backbone and the shoulders (as i my shoulders always got pain =[ ) Lucky most of the guests are very polite and friendly too, so it is easy to get along with them =) But some of them almost don't know how to speak in english, so it is quite troublesome to communicate.

The fish pond at the Mines/Palace Beach & Spa Resort

The cute turtle among the fishes x)

Usually early in the morning i'm assign to stand by at the Mines/Palace Beach & Spa Resort since my house is quite close to it. Most of the horse grooms staying here. Most of the time when there are no more or waiting for them, i usually sit besides the pond and play with the fishes in it. I think there got Koi/Carp, Goldfish, Municipal 'Bandaraya' fish (i dunno the fish name, but they always eat the green thing in the pond =p) and a turtle =)

The airplane is docking =)

The monorail (which the first time i know there is a monorail at the airport =p)

My next spot will be the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) where here i will need to wait for the guests arrival and send them to the hotel and send them back here during their departure. The guests that i took them to hotel are Lilian Zehm, Florian Meyer Zu Hartum, Toni Leviste, a french guy that i already forgotten his name, Ho Nai Yue (this guy is guest i like to chat with), and Ms Holly. But whenever i went to the airport, the first thing i would do is to stop by at a corn shop and bought the sweet corn cup x) I'm addicted to it xD

The not-best-part here is we have to wait them hours until they came out =( The worst case my friend got, the guest didn't arrive at all and were late informing the logistic department. Pity my friend. To make it much more worst, later he got a guest that totally forgot about her flight date as she was de-touring herself in Phuket before the event >_> So my friend had to wait for nothing again -_-

When the event closed its curtain, i had to sent some of the guests back to airport. I would like to express my thanks to Mr Ho Nai Yue and Mr Florian Meyer Zu Hartum for the tips x) Oh well, i gonna miss the sweet corn cup the most :'(

The front view of Palace of the Golden Horses

The Malaysian A1GP car was being displayed at the lobby

My last spot would be Palace of the Golden Horses where most of the horse riders and guests are staying. This place is quite big plus it is very busy since there are a lot of functions in the hotel itself that made the hotel very busy. But i guess here don't have the place to sit down and enjoy the nature like i usually did at the Beach & Spa Resort =( So basically a boring place to stand by >_> I hate when sending the guests back to their hotel around 5pm - 7pm as people are rushing back to home. There will be a mass of traffic jam that we have to go through since there is no other way =(

The event itself went well although i don't have the free time to watch the event =( So much for being hardworking <_< In the end, a Swiss named Markus Fuchs won the overall of the contest, so congratulation to him =)

The horses are going back

I gonna miss this guy :'(

So the event ended, and most of the people and the horses are going back too. I think 2 or 3 days was busy just sending them to the airport. There are some cases that they went by themselves without informing us first, grrr... =[ Well, finally watched as the horses are being transported back to the lorries. I gonna miss one of the horses belongs to Mr Cayetano Martinez de Irujo that i always play with :'( Well, he did bit me once, but it won't stop me from caressing and playing with him x)

In a building very near to KLCC where i collected my paycheck =p

As for the conclusion, it was a good experience for me when i was working with the event. I met lots of people and learn different kind of things especially about the horses x) This will be a memory i will never forget. If i still have the chance next time, i would like to take this job again x) There were lots of things that i wanted to write but that would make this a journal already if i do that <_< If the fate once again crosses my path, i will meet the horsey again x)

For more pictures and information, please visit here:


11 December 2007

Yet another boring week =[

Yea, yet another boring week for last week. The only news is that my classes are already started. So now i don't really have the free time to blog or do anything that i like to do =( Oh well, this is my 3rd year, final year, left only this semester and 1 more to go. After that i'll be graduating and get my first ever permanent job (hopefully =] ). Go go to myself *Gambatte*


06 December 2007

My Boss My Hero

Wait a minute, i suppose to write about the recent job i got, not a j-drama, oh well =p

My Boss My Hero is a J-drama that have been taken from the original series from Korea. This story is about the main character is the heir of the powerful yakuza, Sakaki Makio. He is goddamn strong but the main problem with this guy is he is stupid <_< He screwed up a big-time business transaction and his father (currently the 'Kumicho' yakuza boss) is very furious with him.

So in order to fixed his dumbness, his father decides to send him to a normal high school as a 17 years old student (although he is already 27 =p). So the class he got in is full of nerds and troublemakers. To make it worst, he is stupid to begin with that he don't know any math or even proper kanji.

There are many funny scenes in this drama, pudding rush, exposed during basketball, and many more.He has to hide all his yakuza identity so that the people won't find out. Basically, this is a drama for those that need a good laugh =) As for the conclusion, this drama is very good indeed as the main character itself is so damn funny, especially with his face expression x) I give it 9/10 for this drama. Hope you will enjoy as i did too =)


04 December 2007

The Beginning of The Final Year...

First of all, sorry that i didn't update the blog for a few weeks. Well, been busy with the work. Now finally the work ended, my 3rd year classes begun <_< Haih, not enough rest after the job, now to have to go to classes =( Oh well, for my future too.

Gaaaaaaaaah!!! Damn u virues =[ My laptop totally got pwned down by a virus that i got from my uni lab. Thanks to it, the whole system went haywire. I tried Nod32, AVG, Norton, McAfee, but still can't detect the virus... what the hell =[ So in the end, format the whole thing >_> Haih... will never trust the lab aver again i tell ya.

Oh yea, i guess i will write about the days when i were working later on. Look forward to it =)

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