04 December 2007

The Beginning of The Final Year...

First of all, sorry that i didn't update the blog for a few weeks. Well, been busy with the work. Now finally the work ended, my 3rd year classes begun <_< Haih, not enough rest after the job, now to have to go to classes =( Oh well, for my future too.

Gaaaaaaaaah!!! Damn u virues =[ My laptop totally got pwned down by a virus that i got from my uni lab. Thanks to it, the whole system went haywire. I tried Nod32, AVG, Norton, McAfee, but still can't detect the virus... what the hell =[ So in the end, format the whole thing >_> Haih... will never trust the lab aver again i tell ya.

Oh yea, i guess i will write about the days when i were working later on. Look forward to it =)


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