06 December 2007

My Boss My Hero

Wait a minute, i suppose to write about the recent job i got, not a j-drama, oh well =p

My Boss My Hero is a J-drama that have been taken from the original series from Korea. This story is about the main character is the heir of the powerful yakuza, Sakaki Makio. He is goddamn strong but the main problem with this guy is he is stupid <_< He screwed up a big-time business transaction and his father (currently the 'Kumicho' yakuza boss) is very furious with him.

So in order to fixed his dumbness, his father decides to send him to a normal high school as a 17 years old student (although he is already 27 =p). So the class he got in is full of nerds and troublemakers. To make it worst, he is stupid to begin with that he don't know any math or even proper kanji.

There are many funny scenes in this drama, pudding rush, exposed during basketball, and many more.He has to hide all his yakuza identity so that the people won't find out. Basically, this is a drama for those that need a good laugh =) As for the conclusion, this drama is very good indeed as the main character itself is so damn funny, especially with his face expression x) I give it 9/10 for this drama. Hope you will enjoy as i did too =)


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