29 December 2007

Myself; Yourself

Yosh, i have awaken from my slumber and managed to finished this anime series that just ended x)

Myself; Yourself is a story about a guy that came back to his childhood place to continue his schooling. Our main actor is Hidaka Sana, once had to move out to a new house and he had to separate with all his childhood friends. Well, his first objective is of course, finding all his old friends back. Then together study, graduate, and live together.

This story is quite good to watch, plenty of comedy scenes i can say. But i can guarantee most of the viewers will be shocked in the later episodes as crisis by crisis and mysteries that hidden within some characters that totally unexpected. Well, i think only 2 or 3 characters that mystery-free >_> But being as a 13 episodes series, seriously i can't get enough of watching it =[ Well, what i can say is, in the beginning are all peaceful moments until a few episodes at the back, all the problems coming at once till make you "eh, eh? eh??!! <_< >_>"

But nevertheless, the ending can be considered as average. Well, as long as it doesn't leave the story hanging. But... i still felt like it is a little hanging since they won't show a complete reunion in the end =( Haha, a small spoiler for you all =p Anyways, i will give it 7/10. Nice opening song by Kaori is a plus =)


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