15 December 2008

Life got Leveled Up, presenting Cloud MKII

Whew… How long it has been since I updated this blog? I’ll blame the hectic work, and myself for keep on daydreaming the whole time about the new car =p

Anyway, recently since I have been working, eventually I received the salary for the hard work =D What I did with the money? Of course, buying delicious foods =p Nah, was kidding. I’ve been buying stuff that I always dream of =D What are there stuff? Please view below =p

First of all, I’m upgrading my own room into a better and cooler with an air conditioner unit =)

Process of installing it

Attaching it to the wall

Finally it works =D

Then a new bed set for me (as before this I only sleep on the floor >.>)

A new table for the laptop

And presenting the new monster in town, Cloud MKII =D

The hardware specification for Cloud MKII:
Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00GHZ E8400 processor
MSI Intel P43 NEO3 motherboard
2 x 2GB DDR2 PC800 memory
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4670 512MB DDR3 128 Bit graphic card
Maxtor 200GB IDE HDD
Maxtor 200GB IDE HDD
Maxtor 250BG SATA HDD
Maxtor 250GB SATA2 HDD
Western Digital 640GB SATA2 HDD
Corsair VX 550 Watt Power Supply
OEM recon ATX server casing with 8 HDD bays
22” LG Flatron W2252TQ LCD Monitor
17” Samsung SyncMaster 793DF CRT Monitor
Altec Lansing ATP3 2.1 Speaker
Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700
Canon PIXMA IP1880 printer
D-Link 2 Port KVM Switch

The processor box

The motherboard box

The power supply box

The AVR (but later quite useless to Cloud MKII, so gave it to my sis pc <.<)

The graphic card box

The monitor box

The mouse and keyboard box

The DVDRW box

The KVM Switch box

Well, mostly that is about it =) How was it? Below are the pictures of the actual hardware and during the process of assembling it parts by parts:

The motherboard

The memory

The processor

The graphic card

The power supply

Assembling the processor and memory to the motherboard

Attaching it to the casing

Installing the power supply

Putting up the DVDRW (the floppy A drive is just for show only >.>)

D.I.Y power and reset switch (lol)

Wireless mouse and keyboard

The monitor

The logo collection

The hard disks and graphic card installed

Test run the new pc

Finally, it has been reborn =D

Overall i'm quite satisfied with this setup. Managed to score 5.8 rating for Vista. Not bad for the amount i spent (the actual amount figure is confidential >.>) and the satisfaction i got. So now, gonna enjoy watching anime in big screen, enjoying those high definition (HD) video, and play computer games like mad =p

The wonderful graphical effect =D (screen capture from Far Cry 2)

Hopefully i won't get to the office late due to excessive gaming v.v


29 November 2008

When A Man Has A Dream...

But he realized that his salary not good enough...

So... he had to do some modification to his dream...

Which resulted to...

Coming Soon... 200*

16 November 2008

Shine Your Path with Hella

Huh, it has been a long time since i updated my blog. Well, i blame it on the hectic work from my job recently >.>

Anyway, not much of an update, but i would like to present new additional stuff i've been shopping this month for the sake of Meteorain well-being =p

Presenting… Hella Comet 450

Yes, I bought a new spotlight for Meteorain. Due to the current headlight not really that bright, I decided to go for a spotlight to increase the visibility especially when in a dark road or even heavy rain =)

Out from the box

During installation

The switch

After finished installing

With the protector cap on

Seriously I’m satisfied with this mod, the vision tremendously increased when driving. After installation, Keisuke and me went for a joy ride on our home track Bangi. Needless to say, the Hella spotlight really lives up to its expectation =)

Superb light even brighter than the headlamp

Even a completely dark alley becomes brighter

One thing for sure, Hella is a brand that comes from Germany, hence the spotlight is a little bit pricey. Usually any accessory shop will sell around RM100 per piece, yes, it doesn’t come with pair. The only thing that you need to remember is, don’t use the spotlight during normal road condition at night as it is damn bright that can blinded the car in front >.>

It is illegal to use on normal road condition, remember

Oh ya, since I got a few money to splashed, I also bought a few equipments which are:

Car jack

Jack stand x2

Spark plugs tool

Oil filter remover

and basic tools kit

So now, I can do my own car service =D Oh, I can help to do service for others, with a special fee =p


02 November 2008

Shiro Suisei's New Look

Hmmm… it has been a long time since I updated about Shiro Suisei’s condition and upgrades. Well, now is the time to do it =p

After a few months of recuperating, Shiro Suisei is being assembled with new parts piece by piece. The only drawback from this outcome, the car has a brand new colour theme >.>

Well, we are still in the process of assembling it back together, painting will be done later, no money at the moment <.<

But no matter how powerful and extravagant the car looks...

It will never passed a police road block for the time being with this kind of road tax =p *pwned*

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