24 January 2008

Work Hard and Die with Regrets!

Yosh.... i'm too busy right now... very busy with the workload... even if i die when finishing all the project, it won't even worth it >_>

Oh well, do or die <_<

To any final year students out there, make sure u have a good method to release your stress :P

Haih, need to finished this proposal by tonight or my fate is sealed >_>


08 January 2008

Time is Running Out...

Haih... the hell is here, coming slowly but deadly. Since my classes resume after the new year holiday, non-stop work and deadline stomping onto me x_x Well, from now onwards, i will have no more free leisure time to relax or watching anime/drama v_v Same goes to blogging i guess >_>

Oh yea to kitleen, i were thinking, maybe we should meet somewhere, like at midvalley or something, while u bring your laptop or hard disk that contains all the j-drama you have so i can 'kidnap' em all xD

Anyways, just came back from sending Basyeer's RX-7 FC3S to the Rotary specialist shop in Subang Jaya. His FC most probably had the Turbo hose leak or sort since it doesn't produce the power after 4000 RPM -_-

Ok ok, enough blogging, time to finish up my proposal and other subject's work x_x


05 January 2008


Today i'm going to review a bit with the recent anime that just ended. The title the same as above, Minami-ke. This anime is about a daily life story about a 3 sisters that live together. Basically there is no proper storyline in this anime, just simply random episode about the three sisters. It might sound boring but when you watch it, it is quite funny xD

The older sister is Haruka. She is still schooling and she is the one that been take caring of her sisters. Haruka is a lazy person at heart x) But she is a responsible big sister. She is beautiful and have a nice figures =p Kana is the second sister out of three. She is a little hyperactive and..... baka =p You will laugh hard at her baka-ness as u are watching it. The last sister is Chiaki, a bossy brat with some brains xD She always fight with Kana, calling her "bakayaro" all the time. There are plenty of time Kana believes in what Chiaki's saying. You will find out when you watch it =p

Anyway, this series is good to watch. Plenty of stupid scenes that will make you laugh. This series end at episode 13, but continue with a new season, Minami-ke ~okawari~ in the following week, haha. Overall i can give it 8/10. Hope you enjoy like i did x)


04 January 2008

Stupidz Streamyx >_<

I woke up early in the morning yesterday to realized that i can't visit any international website >_< Gaaah, must be Streamyx bakayaro doing something again. I can't login my msn and yahoo too. Haih, in the end i need to use the proxy to australia.

Anyways, my lazy piggy asked me to come to the uni's library because she needs my help on her fpy. Well, without no money all all, i went there, totally relying on the value of my Touch N Go card for RapidKL bus, KTM, and LRT >_> Well, in the end, i survived, although my lazy piggy fed me a bit, with APIIT famous chicken rice xD Thanks my dear lazy piggy *muuaah*

Haih, nowadays i don't have the mood to watch anime but...... i want to watch j-drama instead <_< I think i need to put the blame on my best friend Basyeer whom re-introduced me j-drama by presenting me My Boss My Hero and Kitleen for keep on recommending me another j-drama to watch =O But in any way, it is a good thing xD

Anyway, Bambino! ep 5 is calling me. See you guys later =p

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