05 January 2008


Today i'm going to review a bit with the recent anime that just ended. The title the same as above, Minami-ke. This anime is about a daily life story about a 3 sisters that live together. Basically there is no proper storyline in this anime, just simply random episode about the three sisters. It might sound boring but when you watch it, it is quite funny xD

The older sister is Haruka. She is still schooling and she is the one that been take caring of her sisters. Haruka is a lazy person at heart x) But she is a responsible big sister. She is beautiful and have a nice figures =p Kana is the second sister out of three. She is a little hyperactive and..... baka =p You will laugh hard at her baka-ness as u are watching it. The last sister is Chiaki, a bossy brat with some brains xD She always fight with Kana, calling her "bakayaro" all the time. There are plenty of time Kana believes in what Chiaki's saying. You will find out when you watch it =p

Anyway, this series is good to watch. Plenty of stupid scenes that will make you laugh. This series end at episode 13, but continue with a new season, Minami-ke ~okawari~ in the following week, haha. Overall i can give it 8/10. Hope you enjoy like i did x)



Hangmen said...

The "Bible Black"-ish serious faces is one of my favourite screencap moments in Minami-ke.

Heaven's Cloud said...

haha, well that is the best animation part in it xD

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