08 January 2008

Time is Running Out...

Haih... the hell is here, coming slowly but deadly. Since my classes resume after the new year holiday, non-stop work and deadline stomping onto me x_x Well, from now onwards, i will have no more free leisure time to relax or watching anime/drama v_v Same goes to blogging i guess >_>

Oh yea to kitleen, i were thinking, maybe we should meet somewhere, like at midvalley or something, while u bring your laptop or hard disk that contains all the j-drama you have so i can 'kidnap' em all xD

Anyways, just came back from sending Basyeer's RX-7 FC3S to the Rotary specialist shop in Subang Jaya. His FC most probably had the Turbo hose leak or sort since it doesn't produce the power after 4000 RPM -_-

Ok ok, enough blogging, time to finish up my proposal and other subject's work x_x


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