29 February 2008


<_< >_> this time we will look a drama that based on swindling

Swindling? Yes swindling. This story is mainly about swindling, meaning any type of swindling whether money, belonging, or trust. Normally in this world there is people who swindle for money, which is called Shirosagi (white swindler). Then there is a swindler who manipulate others feeling, that is Akasagi (red swindler). This drama is focus on the third, which uses Shirosagi and Akasagi as his main food, the ultimate swinder in history, Kurosagi (black swindler).

Our hero is Kurosaki (played by Yamashita Tomohisa) is an orphan where all his family member got killed by his won dad due to he got swindled by a person. Since he lost his sanity, so he dicided to kill his entire family since he don't have the money to support them. Somehow our hero managed to stay alive, or should i say saved by the nick of time. So after a few years passed by, he is living by seeking revenge to the person who tricked his dad that lead to the horrific incident. In order to catch the guy, he turns himself as Kurosagi and search any Shirosagi and swindle them back, at the same time, helps the victim.

Our heroine, Yoshikawa Tsurara (played by Horikita Maki <3 ) is a law student which determine to be a prosecutor one day after she graduates. Her first encounter with Kurosaki when during the incident at the train station. When she knows about Kurosaki's job, she tried to oppose as hard as she can, or should i say the entire drama she didn't give up on keep on asking Kurosaki to stop swindling and be a good person.

This drama i can say is quite unique and good =) It is mixed with suspense and at the same time the sadness of Kurosaki. I really like the main theme soundtrack (not the OP), but too bad isn't available to download =( It is a very interesting story while at the same time it teaches you in this world we can be tricked easily. Despite the ending is ok. But, but, there will be a movie of this drama releasing this August 2008 if i'm not mistaken. I think this one will have a proper ending =) Overall i give it 10/10 since it have a good storyline plus good soundtrack, plus Yamashita-san superb acting =D Hope you will enjoy this drama like i did =)


26 February 2008

New Proton Saga test drive and blunder

Last week i was quite bored while doing my assignments. During the saturday night my mum asked me to bring her to the Proton dealer to take a look at the new car (since she decided want to buy the new Proton Saga model). So we went the and have a look of the car. I took a peek and tried the driver seat. Hmmm kind of ok i guess, nothing much special for a affordable cheap car xD But i guess what really made my mum like the car because the back-light is almost same exact design as Mercedes Benz car >_>

The next day afternoon i went there myself for test drive xD I dress up smartly, then ask the guy for a test drive for the new Proton Saga. Honestly that was my first ever going for a test drive, some more alone xD Seriously i was outta of my mind that time <_< Since it was my first time, i didn't really test properly the car. More like being nervous driving it >_> But i can say the car is good and quite spacey whether in the front of the rear seat. The price also ranged between RM 31,000 - RM 39,000 which can be considered as cheap for any sedan. I think i should give another test drive, this time i will evaluate the car properly >_>

One of the website that i always visit ( today suffer it worst blunders. The owner forgot to renew their domain -_- Well, this year in Malaysia also we have seen big name company that totally forgot to renew their domain name, especially Pos Malaysia (the main Mail company in Malaysia). I guess in the end animeost managed to renew their domain, but it seems that it still suffering redirecting to the page in the picture above. I guess that is what we call it the after-effect >_>


21 February 2008

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Another great drama review =D

The above picture isn't for fooling your eyes, this drama contains lots of cute guys in action xD So for those that very interested in beautiful guys (girls usually =p). Its name is quite long but for those that read the manga before, they should familiar with the word Hana-Kimi. Anyway, this story is about a girl who disguised as a boy in order to enroll in all-boys school. The mission? She wants to help a guy (one of the student in that school) to get back to high jumping since this guy quited high jumping due to certain incident. You will know later when u watch the series =)

Our main character, the heroine that is xD is Ashiya Mizuki (played by Horikita Maki <3 ) actually is a japanese which currently staying in California USA. She had to fought with her parents when she wanted to came back to japan. She cuts her hair, wear vest instead of bra, use pants instead of skirt, and had to walk and talk like a guy xD

Our heroes, yes heroes xD are Nakatsu Shuichi (played by Ikuta Toma) and Sano Izumi (played by Oguri Shun). Nakatsu is really a hilarious character. I guarantee that you will love this character like i did xD The other is Sano Izumi where the person Ashiya Mizuki wanted to resume high jumping. This guy is kinda irritating at first and very cold to Ashiya. So Ashiya need to find her way to persuade him to get back to high jumping while maintaining her undercover >_>

This drama have 12 episodes with one SP in between episode 11 and 12. As for me, i really enjoyed the humor and chaotic scenes around the school xD This is one good drama that can make u have a good laugh =) Overall i can give it 10/10 since i myself really fond with comedy series =) Hope you will enjoy as i did =D


20 February 2008

Nobuta wo Produce

This time i gonna review about a drama that have quite a few popular artists xD

This drama basically is about two guys (Kiritani Shuuji and Kusano Akira) trying to help a girl (Kotani Nobuko) to become popular in school. The girl just recently transferred to the school and since she has a 'dark' personality, she often bullied by others. So Shuuji and Akira decided to 'produce' her becoming a better and popular person in the school thus giving her a new nickname that is Nobuta =D

Our heroes, Kiritani Shuuji (played by Kamenashi Kazuya) and Kusano Akira (played by Yamashita Tomohisa) is both a high school student studying in the same class. Shuuji is very popular in the school and people respected him as he will help people no matter what. But actually his real personality is not like that. He just pretend to be nice. I can say this guy got a psychological problem >_> Meanwhile Akira is a laid-back and carefree person since he can't find the meaning of living <_< As for Shuuji, he really hate to be friend with Akira since it won't benefit him at all but Akira doesn't even want to care what Shuuji think and just keep be friend with Shuuji xD

The heroine will be Kotani Nobuka a.k.a Nobuta (played by Horikita Maki) is a shy and timid girl. Her first appearance in the drama made me think she is sort of an orphan and live by herself (since she has a long untreated hair plus dirty clothes >_>) She transferred to Shuuji and Akira's school as a transfer student. Upon from the day she started school, she often being bullied by some of the girls due to her personality and appearance. So will the 'produce' thingy work? Watch the show to find out xD

By the way, both Kamenashi Kazuya and Yamashita Tomohisa formed a temporary duet for this drama named Shuuji to Akira. Their song Seishun Amigo is used in the ending song of this drama. I really like the song and already memorized the lyrics xD Overall i can give it 7/10 as it have a good storyline and it quite mystery since there is a hidden bad guy xD The ending is quite ok and i bet it would surprised you a little xD Hope u will enjoy as i did =)


18 February 2008

Lunch no Joou

This time i will review about a quite old drama, that is Lunch no Joou or a.k.a Lunch Queen =) This drama is about a girl who likes to eat lunch, the end xD Haha, just kidding. But the part that she really enjoys lunch time is true =) But the real storyline of this drama is how our heroine works in a small shop named Kitchen Macaroni and try her best to maintain the shop while also maintaining the relationships between the brothers, which owns the restaurant.

Our heroine is Mugita Natsuki, played by Takeuchi Yuko, is an independent girl that can live in any kind of environment. Apparently she kinda always looking for a job that offer a place to live. One day a guy dragged her during her lunch time and ask her to pretend to be his bride as this guy just want to calm his father down. But... this guy was lying and has his own objective >_> U will find out later when u watch =p So after realizing being tricked, Natsumi had to keep secret from the other brothers. She also decided to work there as she realized that the Omurice of Kitchen Macaroni is very delicious than any other store she had been before. But actually Natsumi had a dark past. What is it? Go and watch xD

As for the kitchen Macaroni, it owned by the Father which is Nabeshima Kenzo whom making the secret delicious demiglass sauce of Kitchen Macaroni. Then the elder brother Kennichiro, which ran away from home <_< The second brother Yujiro which currently works as the main chef. The third brother is Junzaburo while the last brother is Koshiro (played by Yamashita Tomohisa =p). Basically these brothers are troublemakers. I bet u guys also will get @_@ as the story goes along xD

Anyway, since i wrote too much xD the story is kinda above average. I can say that it ended well after the 'person' got caught. But the story will continue due to the unfinished 'business' between the brothers >_> As for the rating, i can give it 6/10, due to nothing-much ending <_<


16 February 2008

The cursed KTM Komuter and Tasik Selatan LRT station >_>

Aaah, it has been a long time since i blog bout me xD

Anyways, it has been a frustrated week for me. The main source, KTM Komuter train :-@ Seriously, it almost never on time, meaning always late. To make it worst, due to lack of maintenance, the trains often suffer from breakdown. But the most importantly, we as the user whom uses the trains everyday had to suffer because of the management old fools =x For 1 month, i had to endure 3 train breakdowns, first two which delayed my journey for 30 minutes, and the latest for 60 minutes which seeing during the peak hour of people getting back home o_o Seriously, those old fools that handling the KTM management need to be fired on the spot >_<

My irritation doesn't end there. The LRT Bandar Tasik Selatan really pissed me off too :-@ Why? For 2 days in a row i went there in the morning as i need to go to my classes, they just opened only 1 freaking ticket barrier lane?? There are a lot of users using it on the rush hour but they just let only 1?? Goddamn freaking hell to them. Seriously i wanted to shout at them, asking all the staff to queue after the ticket lane apologizing to each customer >_< Arrgghhh... so annoying >_<

Anyway, although it is late, but Gong Xi Fa Chai to visitors out there and Happy Valentine =) Hope u enjoyed your valentine with your loved ones. As for me, since my lazy piggy is extremely busy with her final year project, we just celebrated it in a small way by exchanging card and gift, later lunch at APIIT cafeteria <_< Oh well, as long as there is love, anywhere doesn't matter right? x)


11 February 2008

Great Teacher Onizuka

This time, i gonna review about the quite famous jdrama that i recently finished watching =D

Yes, this is the infamous Onizuka xD For those that never heard of it, or just heard a glimpse of it, this story is about a young single guy is determining to be a teacher. But the problem doesn't end there. The students in the class are not 'normal' student. They are very naughty and also the untold secret among the students that made them rebel against teachers. So it is up to Onizuka to save them.

Our hero is Onizuka Eikichi, a former delinquent or should i say bike gang xD is determine to be a teacher. This guy is a black belt in karate and during free time he watches porn, mind u =p Since he has no qualification, it is hard for him to apply for teacher position in any school.

Our heroine, Fuyutsuki Azusa, a stewardess wannabe but in the end stuck becoming a teacher after she failed her stewardess exam. Due to that, she really doesn't have the motivation to be a proper teacher. Well,in the staff room, she is more like a slave to me >_> But it is all going to change upon meeting with Onizuka =D

Ah, 1 trivia, in real life, both Sorimachi Takashi (Onizuka) and Matsushima Nanako (Fuyutsuki) finally got married and now having 2 daughters =)

So overall i can give it 9/10 as it is very entertaining plus the moral value =) Ah! There are some nudity scenes in the drama, so.... think by yourself >_>


02 February 2008

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan

Yay! Finally a comedy j-drama =D

This drama is about a father and his daughter accidentally switched body, so basically the daughter got dad's body while dad got his daughter's body. Actually both of them (before the body switching) are kinda bad especially in communication as they don't want to talk each other. The daughter just close with her mom while the dad unable to talk to his daughter made him feel lonely. So that is why the God punish them i guess xD

Our hero Kawahara Kyoichiro, is an old man who is hopeless against his daughter xD He always want to try to talk to her daughter but end up in failure. Nothing special xD But after the switching body incident, i can say his acting is impressive. Before this just an old man, but later becomes very active like a young person. The way he speaks, he walks, and everything he do really like a girl xD No wonder he won the award for best actor =)

The daughter Kawahara Koume, is a normal young girl who seeks what every girl in her age wants. She is played by my cute Aragaki Yui xD For her, her dad is very annoying that at certain time he always spoiled her happiness (not really though, just her own whim >_>). That is why she talk less with her dad.

Well, this story really chaotic xD During bath time, his daughter had to wash her dad while tying up his dad's eyes so he can't see haha xD It goes even worse when his dad forced to go for a date with a guy that Koume really like. U can imagine the horror xD To add the agony, Koume who had to go to his dad office (because her appearance is his dad after all xD) and simply cause chaos in the office xD Seriously there are no end to the laughter in this drama. Overall i can give it 9/10 as the story itself not really boring and have a good way of ending =) I really enjoyed it till the end, so hope you guys too x)



Finally had free time to finished this drama =D

Let me remind you, there is no any bimbo in this series xD This story is about a guy who pursuing his dream to be an Italian pasta chef. He worked at a small italian restaurant with his gf as a part time so that he can learn the italian cooking. One day the owner Shin-san asked him to go and try to work part time at his best friend place at Tokyo. There he will find the true meaning of working as a chef =)

Our main hero is Ban Shogo, played by Matsumoto Jun (the reason why i watch it xD) He is still a college student that live with his gf Eri. But to be honest, i don't think there is any girl here can be considered as the heroine xD Why u ask? Because the story is focus on him =p

The story i can say it is above average. It is mixed with comedy, spice of life with a few emotional scenes >_> I can't look at the screen when he got bullied by other chef especially Katori >_< But it is fun to watch when he finally success in doing something =D The story might be a little jumpy i think around ep 9. But nevertheless, the ending was good besides i kinda expecting to see Bambino 2 after i finished watching the final ep. Why? u find out by yourself xD So overall i can give it 7/10 as it has a good ending =) Hope u will enjoy as i did and crave for pasta xD


Goshusho-sama Ninomiya-kun

Finally for those that love to see harem stuff kind of anime, then this is for you. An anime that is harem-look alike with lots of fan-service for the viewers >_>

This story is about a guy which is heavily trained by his sister ever since they were small for survival. But... it is more like military/assassin training for me >_> Actually our main character Ninomiya Shungo is kinda always being bullied or should i say tease by his girls classmate since he is innocent haha xD So he is always being tease all the time in the series despite he is quite good in fighting >_>

Our heroine consist of two girls, one is Mayu and other is Reika. Mayu actually is a succubus which attracts guys to him. Whoever kissed her will have his power sucked till death, scary <_< As for Reika, she actually has a crush on Shungo but she can't be honest with her feeling xD

So this story basically about... fan-service? xD Hehe just kidding. It is about.... seriously i said, there is nothing much to be said bout this anime. Well, just full of ecchi for those poor soul out there =p As towards the ending, the storyline kinda suddenly jump too much that will leave u kinda hanging for awhile as things happen suddenly. So much for being a 12 episodes >_> As for the overall, i might just settle with 3/10 because it seems like there is no purpose for this anime except for fan-service >_> Well, the comedy inside the series made it worth to watch though.


Night Wizard The Animation

After a long break xD

This time i present you Night Wizard The Animation. This story is about wizards fighting demons, simple xD Haha ok ok, our main character will be Hiragi Renji, a sword user which is very.... unfortunate is the word i can best describe him <_< Well, later in the series you will find later why he is called "Hiragi Renji, the fallen man" xD

The main story (besides fighting bad guys >_>) is about a quest to gather 7 jewels for the sake of the peace of the world of course =D Our heroine will be Shihou Elis, a timid and innocent young girl. She is responsible of holding all the jewels that they collected.

This series only have 13 episodes. Although it is short, but i can say they the episodes are good and straight forward (because they didn't make more episodes <_<). The characters have lots of mysteries that didn't be reveal example like Akari-chan. U will know later why, i got so many question about her past or whatsoever >_> The ending was quite ok since it doesn't seems hanged. The final battle also is not that bad, although the way they sum up the final battle is kinda.. meh xD And lastly, Anzelotte is very annoying <_< If i were Hiragi, i would kick her butt already >_> Anyway overall i can give it 7/10.

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