02 February 2008


Finally had free time to finished this drama =D

Let me remind you, there is no any bimbo in this series xD This story is about a guy who pursuing his dream to be an Italian pasta chef. He worked at a small italian restaurant with his gf as a part time so that he can learn the italian cooking. One day the owner Shin-san asked him to go and try to work part time at his best friend place at Tokyo. There he will find the true meaning of working as a chef =)

Our main hero is Ban Shogo, played by Matsumoto Jun (the reason why i watch it xD) He is still a college student that live with his gf Eri. But to be honest, i don't think there is any girl here can be considered as the heroine xD Why u ask? Because the story is focus on him =p

The story i can say it is above average. It is mixed with comedy, spice of life with a few emotional scenes >_> I can't look at the screen when he got bullied by other chef especially Katori >_< But it is fun to watch when he finally success in doing something =D The story might be a little jumpy i think around ep 9. But nevertheless, the ending was good besides i kinda expecting to see Bambino 2 after i finished watching the final ep. Why? u find out by yourself xD So overall i can give it 7/10 as it has a good ending =) Hope u will enjoy as i did and crave for pasta xD


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