16 February 2008

The cursed KTM Komuter and Tasik Selatan LRT station >_>

Aaah, it has been a long time since i blog bout me xD

Anyways, it has been a frustrated week for me. The main source, KTM Komuter train :-@ Seriously, it almost never on time, meaning always late. To make it worst, due to lack of maintenance, the trains often suffer from breakdown. But the most importantly, we as the user whom uses the trains everyday had to suffer because of the management old fools =x For 1 month, i had to endure 3 train breakdowns, first two which delayed my journey for 30 minutes, and the latest for 60 minutes which seeing during the peak hour of people getting back home o_o Seriously, those old fools that handling the KTM management need to be fired on the spot >_<

My irritation doesn't end there. The LRT Bandar Tasik Selatan really pissed me off too :-@ Why? For 2 days in a row i went there in the morning as i need to go to my classes, they just opened only 1 freaking ticket barrier lane?? There are a lot of users using it on the rush hour but they just let only 1?? Goddamn freaking hell to them. Seriously i wanted to shout at them, asking all the staff to queue after the ticket lane apologizing to each customer >_< Arrgghhh... so annoying >_<

Anyway, although it is late, but Gong Xi Fa Chai to visitors out there and Happy Valentine =) Hope u enjoyed your valentine with your loved ones. As for me, since my lazy piggy is extremely busy with her final year project, we just celebrated it in a small way by exchanging card and gift, later lunch at APIIT cafeteria <_< Oh well, as long as there is love, anywhere doesn't matter right? x)


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