02 February 2008

Goshusho-sama Ninomiya-kun

Finally for those that love to see harem stuff kind of anime, then this is for you. An anime that is harem-look alike with lots of fan-service for the viewers >_>

This story is about a guy which is heavily trained by his sister ever since they were small for survival. But... it is more like military/assassin training for me >_> Actually our main character Ninomiya Shungo is kinda always being bullied or should i say tease by his girls classmate since he is innocent haha xD So he is always being tease all the time in the series despite he is quite good in fighting >_>

Our heroine consist of two girls, one is Mayu and other is Reika. Mayu actually is a succubus which attracts guys to him. Whoever kissed her will have his power sucked till death, scary <_< As for Reika, she actually has a crush on Shungo but she can't be honest with her feeling xD

So this story basically about... fan-service? xD Hehe just kidding. It is about.... seriously i said, there is nothing much to be said bout this anime. Well, just full of ecchi for those poor soul out there =p As towards the ending, the storyline kinda suddenly jump too much that will leave u kinda hanging for awhile as things happen suddenly. So much for being a 12 episodes >_> As for the overall, i might just settle with 3/10 because it seems like there is no purpose for this anime except for fan-service >_> Well, the comedy inside the series made it worth to watch though.


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