21 February 2008

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

Another great drama review =D

The above picture isn't for fooling your eyes, this drama contains lots of cute guys in action xD So for those that very interested in beautiful guys (girls usually =p). Its name is quite long but for those that read the manga before, they should familiar with the word Hana-Kimi. Anyway, this story is about a girl who disguised as a boy in order to enroll in all-boys school. The mission? She wants to help a guy (one of the student in that school) to get back to high jumping since this guy quited high jumping due to certain incident. You will know later when u watch the series =)

Our main character, the heroine that is xD is Ashiya Mizuki (played by Horikita Maki <3 ) actually is a japanese which currently staying in California USA. She had to fought with her parents when she wanted to came back to japan. She cuts her hair, wear vest instead of bra, use pants instead of skirt, and had to walk and talk like a guy xD

Our heroes, yes heroes xD are Nakatsu Shuichi (played by Ikuta Toma) and Sano Izumi (played by Oguri Shun). Nakatsu is really a hilarious character. I guarantee that you will love this character like i did xD The other is Sano Izumi where the person Ashiya Mizuki wanted to resume high jumping. This guy is kinda irritating at first and very cold to Ashiya. So Ashiya need to find her way to persuade him to get back to high jumping while maintaining her undercover >_>

This drama have 12 episodes with one SP in between episode 11 and 12. As for me, i really enjoyed the humor and chaotic scenes around the school xD This is one good drama that can make u have a good laugh =) Overall i can give it 10/10 since i myself really fond with comedy series =) Hope you will enjoy as i did =D


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