29 February 2008


<_< >_> this time we will look a drama that based on swindling

Swindling? Yes swindling. This story is mainly about swindling, meaning any type of swindling whether money, belonging, or trust. Normally in this world there is people who swindle for money, which is called Shirosagi (white swindler). Then there is a swindler who manipulate others feeling, that is Akasagi (red swindler). This drama is focus on the third, which uses Shirosagi and Akasagi as his main food, the ultimate swinder in history, Kurosagi (black swindler).

Our hero is Kurosaki (played by Yamashita Tomohisa) is an orphan where all his family member got killed by his won dad due to he got swindled by a person. Since he lost his sanity, so he dicided to kill his entire family since he don't have the money to support them. Somehow our hero managed to stay alive, or should i say saved by the nick of time. So after a few years passed by, he is living by seeking revenge to the person who tricked his dad that lead to the horrific incident. In order to catch the guy, he turns himself as Kurosagi and search any Shirosagi and swindle them back, at the same time, helps the victim.

Our heroine, Yoshikawa Tsurara (played by Horikita Maki <3 ) is a law student which determine to be a prosecutor one day after she graduates. Her first encounter with Kurosaki when during the incident at the train station. When she knows about Kurosaki's job, she tried to oppose as hard as she can, or should i say the entire drama she didn't give up on keep on asking Kurosaki to stop swindling and be a good person.

This drama i can say is quite unique and good =) It is mixed with suspense and at the same time the sadness of Kurosaki. I really like the main theme soundtrack (not the OP), but too bad isn't available to download =( It is a very interesting story while at the same time it teaches you in this world we can be tricked easily. Despite the ending is ok. But, but, there will be a movie of this drama releasing this August 2008 if i'm not mistaken. I think this one will have a proper ending =) Overall i give it 10/10 since it have a good storyline plus good soundtrack, plus Yamashita-san superb acting =D Hope you will enjoy this drama like i did =)



Anonymous said...

And here I bug Awa-chan again. Did you really like this one? I watched it but it was a bit - meh for me.

But then again Yamapi = <333333. XD

Awang said...

Yup, i really like it :D (the soundtrack that is :P )

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