18 February 2008

Lunch no Joou

This time i will review about a quite old drama, that is Lunch no Joou or a.k.a Lunch Queen =) This drama is about a girl who likes to eat lunch, the end xD Haha, just kidding. But the part that she really enjoys lunch time is true =) But the real storyline of this drama is how our heroine works in a small shop named Kitchen Macaroni and try her best to maintain the shop while also maintaining the relationships between the brothers, which owns the restaurant.

Our heroine is Mugita Natsuki, played by Takeuchi Yuko, is an independent girl that can live in any kind of environment. Apparently she kinda always looking for a job that offer a place to live. One day a guy dragged her during her lunch time and ask her to pretend to be his bride as this guy just want to calm his father down. But... this guy was lying and has his own objective >_> U will find out later when u watch =p So after realizing being tricked, Natsumi had to keep secret from the other brothers. She also decided to work there as she realized that the Omurice of Kitchen Macaroni is very delicious than any other store she had been before. But actually Natsumi had a dark past. What is it? Go and watch xD

As for the kitchen Macaroni, it owned by the Father which is Nabeshima Kenzo whom making the secret delicious demiglass sauce of Kitchen Macaroni. Then the elder brother Kennichiro, which ran away from home <_< The second brother Yujiro which currently works as the main chef. The third brother is Junzaburo while the last brother is Koshiro (played by Yamashita Tomohisa =p). Basically these brothers are troublemakers. I bet u guys also will get @_@ as the story goes along xD

Anyway, since i wrote too much xD the story is kinda above average. I can say that it ended well after the 'person' got caught. But the story will continue due to the unfinished 'business' between the brothers >_> As for the rating, i can give it 6/10, due to nothing-much ending <_<


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