26 February 2008

New Proton Saga test drive and blunder

Last week i was quite bored while doing my assignments. During the saturday night my mum asked me to bring her to the Proton dealer to take a look at the new car (since she decided want to buy the new Proton Saga model). So we went the and have a look of the car. I took a peek and tried the driver seat. Hmmm kind of ok i guess, nothing much special for a affordable cheap car xD But i guess what really made my mum like the car because the back-light is almost same exact design as Mercedes Benz car >_>

The next day afternoon i went there myself for test drive xD I dress up smartly, then ask the guy for a test drive for the new Proton Saga. Honestly that was my first ever going for a test drive, some more alone xD Seriously i was outta of my mind that time <_< Since it was my first time, i didn't really test properly the car. More like being nervous driving it >_> But i can say the car is good and quite spacey whether in the front of the rear seat. The price also ranged between RM 31,000 - RM 39,000 which can be considered as cheap for any sedan. I think i should give another test drive, this time i will evaluate the car properly >_>

One of the website that i always visit ( today suffer it worst blunders. The owner forgot to renew their domain -_- Well, this year in Malaysia also we have seen big name company that totally forgot to renew their domain name, especially Pos Malaysia (the main Mail company in Malaysia). I guess in the end animeost managed to renew their domain, but it seems that it still suffering redirecting to the page in the picture above. I guess that is what we call it the after-effect >_>


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