02 February 2008

Night Wizard The Animation

After a long break xD

This time i present you Night Wizard The Animation. This story is about wizards fighting demons, simple xD Haha ok ok, our main character will be Hiragi Renji, a sword user which is very.... unfortunate is the word i can best describe him <_< Well, later in the series you will find later why he is called "Hiragi Renji, the fallen man" xD

The main story (besides fighting bad guys >_>) is about a quest to gather 7 jewels for the sake of the peace of the world of course =D Our heroine will be Shihou Elis, a timid and innocent young girl. She is responsible of holding all the jewels that they collected.

This series only have 13 episodes. Although it is short, but i can say they the episodes are good and straight forward (because they didn't make more episodes <_<). The characters have lots of mysteries that didn't be reveal example like Akari-chan. U will know later why, i got so many question about her past or whatsoever >_> The ending was quite ok since it doesn't seems hanged. The final battle also is not that bad, although the way they sum up the final battle is kinda.. meh xD And lastly, Anzelotte is very annoying <_< If i were Hiragi, i would kick her butt already >_> Anyway overall i can give it 7/10.


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