02 February 2008

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan

Yay! Finally a comedy j-drama =D

This drama is about a father and his daughter accidentally switched body, so basically the daughter got dad's body while dad got his daughter's body. Actually both of them (before the body switching) are kinda bad especially in communication as they don't want to talk each other. The daughter just close with her mom while the dad unable to talk to his daughter made him feel lonely. So that is why the God punish them i guess xD

Our hero Kawahara Kyoichiro, is an old man who is hopeless against his daughter xD He always want to try to talk to her daughter but end up in failure. Nothing special xD But after the switching body incident, i can say his acting is impressive. Before this just an old man, but later becomes very active like a young person. The way he speaks, he walks, and everything he do really like a girl xD No wonder he won the award for best actor =)

The daughter Kawahara Koume, is a normal young girl who seeks what every girl in her age wants. She is played by my cute Aragaki Yui xD For her, her dad is very annoying that at certain time he always spoiled her happiness (not really though, just her own whim >_>). That is why she talk less with her dad.

Well, this story really chaotic xD During bath time, his daughter had to wash her dad while tying up his dad's eyes so he can't see haha xD It goes even worse when his dad forced to go for a date with a guy that Koume really like. U can imagine the horror xD To add the agony, Koume who had to go to his dad office (because her appearance is his dad after all xD) and simply cause chaos in the office xD Seriously there are no end to the laughter in this drama. Overall i can give it 9/10 as the story itself not really boring and have a good way of ending =) I really enjoyed it till the end, so hope you guys too x)


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