26 March 2008

The inactive me D=

Goddamn... i haven't update my blog for almost a month now =D Well, i blame it all to the horrendous assignments that i need to finish it all up >_> Plus it seems that the drama mistress, kitleen is angry with me because i haven't update my blog for a while xD Ok ok, here are my full updates, might be quite long though xp

This March was quite full of activities and issues whether for me or everyone else. As for the biggest issue, the Malaysia 12th General Election was held after 4 years from the previous election at 2004. The result were totally unexpected, even most citizen called it 'Political Tsunami'. The political party that taking lead of Malaysia suffered a heavy defeat by denied a majority 2/3 win (well they managed to won by simple 50% >_>) plus lost 4 states (Kedah, Perak, Penang, Selangor) and 1 federal teritoty (Kuala Lumpur) to the opposition.

Prime Minister in desperate mode? lolz

Welll, this showed that the people doesn't want the current Prime Minister leadership anymore plus we all so fed up with the corruption going within the current government now <_< The funny thing is, a man with dignity would step down in this kind of situation, but our Prime Minister still saying he has lots of support (although clearly people want him to step down xD). Seriously, the Deputy Prime Minister only talk about his support, but he seldom show his face. I bet he is waiting for the Prime Minister to crumble due to pressure >_> Haih... i think the Prime Minister should commit 'Harakiri' already <_<

Anyway, leaving the endless retard political crisis behind, life for me was quite hectic. I've been constantly went go-and-back from my home to the workshop (near Summit USJ) since my friend sent his car for half-cut swoop since his car is no-good anymore >_> It took around 2 weeks for the job to be done and cost around RM6600 @_@ Damn... so much money for an old car =p But nevertheless, these guys repaired the car very well as we are very satisfied with their work =) The car feels great and i can drive as crazy as i want xD That night, Munzeer and I took a stroll at Putrajaya for a few photographic session with the car xD Hot damn we took too many picture with crazy pose xDDD

The engine bay is empty during the repair.

Finally, the car has been reborn =D

Next adventure, trip to Kuala Pilah with my family exclude my dad, i need to pickup my bro in his matriculation as he is having his semester break. It was my second time to use that zig-zag mountain road. Too bad i'm driving a normal car, if i bring the FC, then i might as well have fun with the mountain road at Bukit Putus xD On the way back, we stop over a recreational park named Ulu Bendul as my youngest bro been nagging along the journey. Seriously i should kick his ass for being noisy :-@ So my mum asked me to stop by, so we did, and enjoy the nature for a while =)

The pool at Ulu Bendul.

It seems like the busyness never leave me behind <_< Right after i got back from Kuala Pilah, Munzeer called me asking me to escort him back to USJ as he sent the car for minor repair. On the way back, new trouble befall onto me. As i was about to move out from Petronas USJ 20, my car's clutch snapped o_o So i can't get the car going as i can't access the gears at all >_< I pushed the car to the provided parking in the Petronas and inspected the car for a while. Called my dad asking for help, in the end he asked me to leave the car for a while and come back home. So i just leave the car there and headed home. Lucky the Petronas there is combined with a 24-hours KFC, so i can worry less about the car v_v

Two FD and one FC belongs to a group, found when i visited the workshop.

The next day my dad and i went back there to see the car. well, it is still there untouched. Thanks God for that =D So my dad inspected further and we made a discovery lolz xD We need to find a replacement for the clutch wire. So we drove off with my dad's car to the USJ area to find the spare part. Lucky we found one and the clutch is quite cheap lolz, RM 28. Compared to if i decided at first to called a tow-lorry, that would cost me more than RM 100 x_x Anyway, we head back and install the clutch by ourself >_>

There is the new wire that i had to put all by myself >_>

From the image above, that is the new clutch wire we bought. The right circle is where i had to insert into the car body and hooked it to the clutch pedal. The left circle i had to went below the car to hooked it back to the car's gearbox >_> Frantically, it worked =D So both of my dad and i went back home with both cars. Whew... a new lesson learned =D

In this month also my friends and i are kinda having a photogenic disease where we like to go out and have some photo session xD Even yesterday we went to Putrajaya for another photo shoot xD Behold:

The retarded oxymoron group including myself, with a victory pose xDDDD

We also made a video, but i guess i will post it later xD Later around 3 - 4am, Basyeer and i went for a 'Touge' session at Bangi. As usual, we tackled the corners with high speed and skills. Warning, those that don't have the proper car with proper safety, don't try to imitate us.

Well, i guess that is all my updates for now. Will be busy with assignments deadline for a while. Until later =)


02 March 2008

Dragon Zakura

Ummmmm... for those that need some motivation or tips for exams xD

Seriously this is kinda a weird drama, teaching you and giving viewers on tips how to score your exams >_> Oh well =D As i've said, this drama mainly about exams. Apparently there is a high school where the overall average of 36%, and about to declare bankrupt. So a lawyer was sent in order to give the school their notice and bankrupt. But instead of doing that, the lawyer intended to change the school reputation and at the same time save the school from bankruptcy by having 5 students from this school enrolled to Tokyo University (the most prestigious university in Japan). So he started a special on his own with his own selected teachers and own methods as the other teachers laughing at them. How they gonna end up? Go and watch it by yourself xD

Our hero, or should i say the only main character (as the heroine is pretty useless >_>)is Sakuragi Kenji (played by Abe Hiroshi) is once a member of motorcycle gang and finally end up being a laywer, a poor lawyer i can say <_< Due to his background, most of the poeple will say he is once a gangster although later he tried to explain that gangster and motorcycle gang is different xD He determine to teach the special class students until they managed to enrolled into Tokyo University using his own method.

Honestly i will say this drama kinda suitable for those that going to take exams, as it offer some quite good tips for studying (although i seriously don't feel like following it =p ). It also teaches the meaning of living and what will you face in this world (reality in other word). There are a few popular cast in this drama like Yamashita Tomohisa and Aragaki Yui. Overall i can give it a 3/10 since mostly it is about exams and it doesn't focus much on other characters like the students and the ending kinda so-so >_> Well, if you are interested about the exam tips, you might as well watch it xD

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