02 March 2008

Dragon Zakura

Ummmmm... for those that need some motivation or tips for exams xD

Seriously this is kinda a weird drama, teaching you and giving viewers on tips how to score your exams >_> Oh well =D As i've said, this drama mainly about exams. Apparently there is a high school where the overall average of 36%, and about to declare bankrupt. So a lawyer was sent in order to give the school their notice and bankrupt. But instead of doing that, the lawyer intended to change the school reputation and at the same time save the school from bankruptcy by having 5 students from this school enrolled to Tokyo University (the most prestigious university in Japan). So he started a special on his own with his own selected teachers and own methods as the other teachers laughing at them. How they gonna end up? Go and watch it by yourself xD

Our hero, or should i say the only main character (as the heroine is pretty useless >_>)is Sakuragi Kenji (played by Abe Hiroshi) is once a member of motorcycle gang and finally end up being a laywer, a poor lawyer i can say <_< Due to his background, most of the poeple will say he is once a gangster although later he tried to explain that gangster and motorcycle gang is different xD He determine to teach the special class students until they managed to enrolled into Tokyo University using his own method.

Honestly i will say this drama kinda suitable for those that going to take exams, as it offer some quite good tips for studying (although i seriously don't feel like following it =p ). It also teaches the meaning of living and what will you face in this world (reality in other word). There are a few popular cast in this drama like Yamashita Tomohisa and Aragaki Yui. Overall i can give it a 3/10 since mostly it is about exams and it doesn't focus much on other characters like the students and the ending kinda so-so >_> Well, if you are interested about the exam tips, you might as well watch it xD


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