04 April 2008

*MOVIE* The Road Bully at Putrajaya

Okay, as i promised before, here is the short movie that my friends and i made when we are strolling around Putrajaya xD Just ignore the gibberish japanese language that the actors are using and hope you enjoy =p

High Quality (DivShare)

Low Quality (Youtube)

Yea i know it is pretty stupid, but ah hell i care xD Below is the credits for the movie with characters introduction =p

The Helpless Poor Baldy, Basyeer:

The Notorious Yakuza Scum, Munzeer:

The Yakuza Heartless Hitman, Hafiz:

The New-Kid-on-the-Block Yakuza Wannabe, Ahmad:

The Untamed Instinct Super Director, me xD

Watch out for our next movie sequel somewhere in the future x)


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