31 May 2008

Mazda RX-7 FC3S Recovery - Incident Part 2


Played bowling with Yazid and Dzulq last week, somehow i lost pathetically =(

Finished building Blovvfly's laptop cooler =)

Since i was going out today, my friend and i decided to stop by at the bodywork car to check on the FC. Somehow i was kinda pissed, because when we asked about the car, they just "dunno" and don't really pay attention to us >_< Oh well. At least the car is there. The overall progress i can say around 50% maybe? But still, it is taking too long -_- and i'm eager to get back on the track again >_> Below are the pics that we took during our short visit.

The back view =(

The side view, there goes the RedSuns vinyl =(

Another view angle of the car =(

Before that, we stopped by at our usual workshop at USJ to check out the available spoiler for the FC. Somehow we got three options for a new spoiler, stock, drag, or the RE Amemiya version. The drag version was plain ugly >_> But the RE Amemiya spoiler kinda tempting xD Below are the pics we took plus a little demonstration with another FC belongs to the mechanic to see whether it looks nice or not xD

The RE Amemiya spoiler

Side view of the spoiler attached to the FC

Back view of the spoiler

Well, i would say the RE Amemiya spoiler is kinda cool, compared to the stock spoiler for FC xD But that we have to wait until the bodywork finished =( So far that is the only updates for now. Will update later when there are some improvements =)


29 May 2008

It's The Mating Season... uhh I Mean Marriage Season =D

Hey it is true, at least for me xD Some of my friends from either high school or college are getting married. During this school holiday, every of my friends somehow planned their weddings carefully that i have 4 invitations for the straight 4 weeks o_o'

Last 2 weeks, it was my ex-classmate from my MARA college Estee Hani whom married to errr.... our own senior, Supi, hahaha xD Well i guess love is something unpredictable =) Hope those two couple made a lots of good babies x)

The lovely couple =)

Then last week, it was my high school ex-classmate turn to get married, Syafinez. The husband, is a stranger to me (don't mad at me =p) aged around 30 i think? Oh well, whatever the reason, they sure love each other and i wish them happily ever after =)

Wedding crasher, haha. The real newlyweds are at the back xD

That is all for now. Next wedding that i'm gonna crash into, this week Faizah's wedding and next week, Nazirrudin's wedding. Hope they have good foods xD

Lastly, congratz to all my friends that finally settle down from their youth-hood =) Oh yea, i heard many to plan to get married at 080808, 8th August 2008 x)


25 May 2008

Yukan Club

A story made for kids, that was what i had in my mind after finishing this drama. Wait, i don't think even kids would love this drama. I guess this was made just for the fans only >_> Yukan Club, literally means Leisure Club, in a school. If you ever watched an anime named Ouran High School Host Club before, it is almost the same. A story about a group of student whom ditch class and hang out in their clubroom. A bad example for kids <_< Usually these people will seek adventures while they are free and even involve with some police cases. The action is quite decent though. But the thing that failed this story for me is the characteristic of each character.

Miroku (played by Akanishi Jin), a motorbike lover and a MacGyver wannabe ( Always sticking his nose to his dad's problem (his dad is a police commissioner >_>) and try to investigate as he is free anyway (for God sake, go to class is better <_<).

Seishiro (played by Yokoyuma Yu) somehow look decent but, always act too bossy >_>

Granmarie (played by Taguchi Junnosuke) is one of the character that i want to stab-to-death >_> A playboy character and somehow i found that he is too overacting >_>

Yuri (played by Minami) is a messed up character. She behave like a guy (hence the way she spreading her legs while walking instead of cat-walking >_>) A hyperactive girl with no brains lolz

Karen (played by Suzuki Emi) is the character i want to stab-to-death the most >_< Her role is a popular, beautiful with a super nice body which attracts most guys. Seriously, her appearance in this series is super ugly and i don't know what the make up guys are doing o_o Plus with her desire for rich guy, it made me more pissed :-@

Noriko (played by Kashii Yuu) is the "real" beautiful girl in this series. But... she also has a twisted characteristic, hate for men >_> but in the entire series she spent with Miroku, Seishiro, and Granmarie, she was ok. What the hell with that? o_o

So basically it is a-little-bit-bad drama to watch, i mean if you guys doesn't mind the awful characteristics with the main cast. Well, i'm bothered with that >_> But nevertheless, the actions were pretty good plus the adventure they got into were interesting. The ending was kind of so-so, so don't expect too much of it. Overall i can give it as 5/10 as the characters are sucks >_> I would recommend much this drama unless you are a big fan of those actors/actresses <_< Happy watching.


19 May 2008

End of Holiday with a Big BANG - Incident Part 1

Bang? What Bang? Haha... Finally the beast met its match, the Mother Nature xD Yeah, last night finally the FC involved with an accident somewhere around old Bangi trunk road. I wasn't driving the car, but Yazid.

The aftermath >_>

Now, lets recall what happen last night:

Both Munzeer and i were pretty tired that night as Munzeer just got back from a picnic with his family while i just got back from my ex-classmate wedding at Ampang (borrowing the FC >_>). Soon after we got back, Munzeer and i was doing our 180 turn at an open car park. Both of us managed to do well and get used to it (Munzeer used to it as he has a good experience while i kinda getting to know the car better after often borrowing the car and drive on my own) .

Soon after, Hafiz and Yazid arrived then both of munzeer and i taught them how to do it. Yazid as usual get very excited while Hafiz a little bit nervous. Sometimes during my turn was over, i did a few 360 turn a.k.a doughnut, while Yazid saw i'm doing it, he also want to try it after his turn, but failed. So we went to Bangi for a touge session.

On the way, Hafiz was doing the first run. I can say he had more confidence than before, but somehow he often made mistakes during gear change, that made me worried a bit. Is he getting excited after learning the 180? Only God knows. When it was over, i was kinda wanted to go second as i want to practice my newly-learned Power Over Drift technique but i afraid Yazid might tried to copy it. So i asked him to drive first as i don't want to risk our lives <_<

It went normal at first, but then soon later, i can see Yazid is kinda over-excited since he is so bold taking the right lane without even my confirmation (i seated at the front-passenger side at that time). Approaching the destined corner, he was going a bit fast, during the right turn, the car starting to oversteer to the right. Somehow i kinda noticed that Yazid press some more of the gas pedal then counter-steer. The result of doing that, the car now oversteer to the left. I think upon the oversteer part started, he already engulfed in his panic attack since i kind of remembered hearing he pressing even more gas pedal as the car is oversteering to the left. In a flash, the car made a complete 180 degree turn and hit the hill on the left side of the road.

Seriously, it all went too fast and the rest of us couldn't react anything. Just a blink of eyes, the car was already crashed. We went into silent for a few second as we still kinda shocked of what just happened. Then Munzeer finally spoken and ask Yazid to ignite back the engine and place it at the other side of the road as it is much more wider so we can do the inspections of the damage. Lucky the engine still ok and can cross the road.

Right after stopping, all of us went to check the damage. Apparently, the crash do the damage on the right-rear of the car. Although the damage seems minimal, but... the big problem is the damaged bodywork is touching the right-rear tire. We can't afford taking risk of blowing the tire when we trying to head back home. So we decided to pull the body a bit so that we can widen the gap. Surprisingly, the FC body is very tough that we can't even move an inch o_o I was almost giving up and thinking of going back together by walking but only Munzeer drive the car back.

Later i remember about the small spare tyre that might can do the trick. I mentioned to everyone and we all started to do the operation. Munzeer prepared all the tools, Hafiz do all the work, I try to hold the car and at the same time cover the damaged part from passerby cars as i don't want them to bug us, and Yazid... sitting and looking while having a mental breakdown. No other option, all of us tried to cheer Yazid up and cure his breakdown. Well, at least another helper and stay optimistic is good rather than giving up in that kind of condition. For almost 1 hour we battle through our way to get the spare tyre in, finally our work paid off. The tyre fits perfectly while giving a good gap between the tyre and the body.

So we head back slowly to our home with the car. Thank God, we managed to arrive safely and went to our own home for a rest.

The crash course

I can't sleep at all that night. Why? Because i'm worried what Basyeer (car owner) is going to say >_< So i end up staying up until 7am. Then i went back to the crash scene to do some CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) lolz xD Well, nothing much to be seen there plus the road was quite busy. There are only one visible tyre line that went straight to the hill. Oh well, i guess that was it to conclude my CSI >_>

The red circle is where the car was hit

After getting back home, i dozed off completely and woke up getting sms-es from Yazid and Munzeer that the car has been sent for body repair and Basyeer want to see the pictures. That evening i managed to have a chat with Basyeer via yahoo messenger and sort things out. Right after that, i called up Yazid and asked him for a drink at a nearby stall. Basyeer was concerned with Yazid's feeling, so i decided to meet up with him in order to give him some encouragement. After a while talking, i guess i made himself to calm down. I've been knowing Yazid for almost 10 years so i hope everything went ok with him.

So now the car currently under repair and will have to wait for another few days. Hafiz and i suffered a minor injury. Hafiz only hit his head while i somehow had a neck strain injury. My holiday is over and tomorrow classes are going to start -_- I need my sleep. I will continue updating the progress of the car.


09 May 2008

Slowly becoming an outlaw? Heaven's Cloud goes holiday =)

Haha, i think i am. In the past few week, i had to confronted with the police like three times, or was it more? xD Well, the entire time i was with my friends while we were doing our night 'activity' =p Being stared, watched, and interrogated >_> Thank God so far nothing happen, only warning x)

Anyway, since i'm still on holiday, we decided to visit our usual beach at Port Dickson. 4 people including me ventured our way from our place to Port Dickson around midnight xD Lucky our favorite place were not occupied by any visitor so we can occupy the beach by ourselves xD Actually there is nothing much activity planned for the trip, just go there and enjoy the nature =) We tried to catch some crabs, but luck were not on our side as the sea tide is not yet over =( Plus, Basyeer somehow got a fever resulting another setback =( Oh well, as long as I can enjoy the breeze of the sea, it doesn't matter x)

We played Battle Gear 3 first before going to the beach x)

Our campfire =D

The beach =D

Together with the campfire =)

The fever-ish 'cocoon' Basyeer =p

Yazid and Munzeer enjoying themselves =)

My classes will be back next week, so that mean i will need to concentrate more in my final year project =( Due to that, i decided to went to Lowyat Plaza to get myself a printer so that i can easily print my project and its draft for easy reference when seeing my supervisor =) Along the way, i bought a few things x) Haih, sometime i kinda feel i'm quite a spendthrift too >_>

New cheap printer, Canon Pixma iP1880 =)

New cheap mouse x)

and a cheap racing pedals xD

Haih, i'm such a cheapskate =p On a lighter note, i went to play bowling with my sis and cousin. I think the last time i played is last year xD The result after playing non-stop 5 rounds of bowling, sore muscle on the right arm until i can't straighten my right arm x(

My sis is throwing the ball =)

Lesson learn, don't forget to exercise or warm up a bit before doing something xD


06 May 2008

Nodame Cantabile + Europe Special

Yeah, after a long i went into the depth of my slumber, a new drama review xD This time we will be looking at a drama that based on classic musical or in another term, orchestra =) For those that think the story is just plain boring with classical music playing all the way, you are terribly mistaken xD Well, of course the music is there, but it is enjoying as this drama is a comedy based drama plus anime-like funny scenes xp

Our main character, Chiaki Shinichi (played by Tamaki Hiroshi), is a piano student in a music academy in Japan. During his childhood, he grew up in Europe and fell in love with classical music as he idolize the great conductor, Viera. Ever since, he always dream to be an orchestra conductor one day and travel to Europe back again. But... he has a phobia of something that prevented him from going to Europe xD In order to search for his quest, he met an infamous conductor strolling in his university, Strezmann, seeking him to be his mentor.

The heroine? Noda Megumi a.k.a Nodame (played by Ueno Juri <3), is a chaotic, carefree, and perverted pianist xD She studied in the same university as Chiaki and also in the piano department but under different teacher. She is a very talented pianist but actually she can't read the music notes at all xD Her goal was to become a kindergarten music teacher and she already produced a few music notes for the class. Her fateful encounter with Chiaki made her realized her true potential as a pianist.

Basically this story is damn good, especially for people who loved comedy and classical music x) There are pretty much comedy in every episode and Nodame's characteristic always made my day x) I'd give it a 9/10 as it doesn't have a quite proper ending, but nevertheless, it is enjoying =)


Nodame Cantabile Europe Special

Yes, this is an extension to the previous drama where the story continue as both Chiaki and Nodame went to Paris to pursue each own goal. Chiaki is joining the Conductor Competition in order to evaluate himself whether his skill is accepted in Europe level or not. Meanwhile Nodame is preparing for her new music academy in school where she accepted the scholarship offer to go there.

This special contains 2 episode as each episode dedicate to each character. Beside that, this special more concentrate on the love development between those two =) Nevertheless, the comedy is still there to entertain you x) Overall i can give it 9/10 as i feel it still need a proper ending, a piano concerto where Chiaki conducting the orchestra while Nodame playing the piano (my wishfull thinking xD). Anyway, hope you guys will enjoy this drama as i did. Engrossed with the power of classic x)

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