29 May 2008

It's The Mating Season... uhh I Mean Marriage Season =D

Hey it is true, at least for me xD Some of my friends from either high school or college are getting married. During this school holiday, every of my friends somehow planned their weddings carefully that i have 4 invitations for the straight 4 weeks o_o'

Last 2 weeks, it was my ex-classmate from my MARA college Estee Hani whom married to errr.... our own senior, Supi, hahaha xD Well i guess love is something unpredictable =) Hope those two couple made a lots of good babies x)

The lovely couple =)

Then last week, it was my high school ex-classmate turn to get married, Syafinez. The husband, is a stranger to me (don't mad at me =p) aged around 30 i think? Oh well, whatever the reason, they sure love each other and i wish them happily ever after =)

Wedding crasher, haha. The real newlyweds are at the back xD

That is all for now. Next wedding that i'm gonna crash into, this week Faizah's wedding and next week, Nazirrudin's wedding. Hope they have good foods xD

Lastly, congratz to all my friends that finally settle down from their youth-hood =) Oh yea, i heard many to plan to get married at 080808, 8th August 2008 x)


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