31 May 2008

Mazda RX-7 FC3S Recovery - Incident Part 2


Played bowling with Yazid and Dzulq last week, somehow i lost pathetically =(

Finished building Blovvfly's laptop cooler =)

Since i was going out today, my friend and i decided to stop by at the bodywork car to check on the FC. Somehow i was kinda pissed, because when we asked about the car, they just "dunno" and don't really pay attention to us >_< Oh well. At least the car is there. The overall progress i can say around 50% maybe? But still, it is taking too long -_- and i'm eager to get back on the track again >_> Below are the pics that we took during our short visit.

The back view =(

The side view, there goes the RedSuns vinyl =(

Another view angle of the car =(

Before that, we stopped by at our usual workshop at USJ to check out the available spoiler for the FC. Somehow we got three options for a new spoiler, stock, drag, or the RE Amemiya version. The drag version was plain ugly >_> But the RE Amemiya spoiler kinda tempting xD Below are the pics we took plus a little demonstration with another FC belongs to the mechanic to see whether it looks nice or not xD

The RE Amemiya spoiler

Side view of the spoiler attached to the FC

Back view of the spoiler

Well, i would say the RE Amemiya spoiler is kinda cool, compared to the stock spoiler for FC xD But that we have to wait until the bodywork finished =( So far that is the only updates for now. Will update later when there are some improvements =)


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