06 May 2008

Nodame Cantabile + Europe Special

Yeah, after a long i went into the depth of my slumber, a new drama review xD This time we will be looking at a drama that based on classic musical or in another term, orchestra =) For those that think the story is just plain boring with classical music playing all the way, you are terribly mistaken xD Well, of course the music is there, but it is enjoying as this drama is a comedy based drama plus anime-like funny scenes xp

Our main character, Chiaki Shinichi (played by Tamaki Hiroshi), is a piano student in a music academy in Japan. During his childhood, he grew up in Europe and fell in love with classical music as he idolize the great conductor, Viera. Ever since, he always dream to be an orchestra conductor one day and travel to Europe back again. But... he has a phobia of something that prevented him from going to Europe xD In order to search for his quest, he met an infamous conductor strolling in his university, Strezmann, seeking him to be his mentor.

The heroine? Noda Megumi a.k.a Nodame (played by Ueno Juri <3), is a chaotic, carefree, and perverted pianist xD She studied in the same university as Chiaki and also in the piano department but under different teacher. She is a very talented pianist but actually she can't read the music notes at all xD Her goal was to become a kindergarten music teacher and she already produced a few music notes for the class. Her fateful encounter with Chiaki made her realized her true potential as a pianist.

Basically this story is damn good, especially for people who loved comedy and classical music x) There are pretty much comedy in every episode and Nodame's characteristic always made my day x) I'd give it a 9/10 as it doesn't have a quite proper ending, but nevertheless, it is enjoying =)


Nodame Cantabile Europe Special

Yes, this is an extension to the previous drama where the story continue as both Chiaki and Nodame went to Paris to pursue each own goal. Chiaki is joining the Conductor Competition in order to evaluate himself whether his skill is accepted in Europe level or not. Meanwhile Nodame is preparing for her new music academy in school where she accepted the scholarship offer to go there.

This special contains 2 episode as each episode dedicate to each character. Beside that, this special more concentrate on the love development between those two =) Nevertheless, the comedy is still there to entertain you x) Overall i can give it 9/10 as i feel it still need a proper ending, a piano concerto where Chiaki conducting the orchestra while Nodame playing the piano (my wishfull thinking xD). Anyway, hope you guys will enjoy this drama as i did. Engrossed with the power of classic x)


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