09 May 2008

Slowly becoming an outlaw? Heaven's Cloud goes holiday =)

Haha, i think i am. In the past few week, i had to confronted with the police like three times, or was it more? xD Well, the entire time i was with my friends while we were doing our night 'activity' =p Being stared, watched, and interrogated >_> Thank God so far nothing happen, only warning x)

Anyway, since i'm still on holiday, we decided to visit our usual beach at Port Dickson. 4 people including me ventured our way from our place to Port Dickson around midnight xD Lucky our favorite place were not occupied by any visitor so we can occupy the beach by ourselves xD Actually there is nothing much activity planned for the trip, just go there and enjoy the nature =) We tried to catch some crabs, but luck were not on our side as the sea tide is not yet over =( Plus, Basyeer somehow got a fever resulting another setback =( Oh well, as long as I can enjoy the breeze of the sea, it doesn't matter x)

We played Battle Gear 3 first before going to the beach x)

Our campfire =D

The beach =D

Together with the campfire =)

The fever-ish 'cocoon' Basyeer =p

Yazid and Munzeer enjoying themselves =)

My classes will be back next week, so that mean i will need to concentrate more in my final year project =( Due to that, i decided to went to Lowyat Plaza to get myself a printer so that i can easily print my project and its draft for easy reference when seeing my supervisor =) Along the way, i bought a few things x) Haih, sometime i kinda feel i'm quite a spendthrift too >_>

New cheap printer, Canon Pixma iP1880 =)

New cheap mouse x)

and a cheap racing pedals xD

Haih, i'm such a cheapskate =p On a lighter note, i went to play bowling with my sis and cousin. I think the last time i played is last year xD The result after playing non-stop 5 rounds of bowling, sore muscle on the right arm until i can't straighten my right arm x(

My sis is throwing the ball =)

Lesson learn, don't forget to exercise or warm up a bit before doing something xD


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