25 May 2008

Yukan Club

A story made for kids, that was what i had in my mind after finishing this drama. Wait, i don't think even kids would love this drama. I guess this was made just for the fans only >_> Yukan Club, literally means Leisure Club, in a school. If you ever watched an anime named Ouran High School Host Club before, it is almost the same. A story about a group of student whom ditch class and hang out in their clubroom. A bad example for kids <_< Usually these people will seek adventures while they are free and even involve with some police cases. The action is quite decent though. But the thing that failed this story for me is the characteristic of each character.

Miroku (played by Akanishi Jin), a motorbike lover and a MacGyver wannabe ( Always sticking his nose to his dad's problem (his dad is a police commissioner >_>) and try to investigate as he is free anyway (for God sake, go to class is better <_<).

Seishiro (played by Yokoyuma Yu) somehow look decent but, always act too bossy >_>

Granmarie (played by Taguchi Junnosuke) is one of the character that i want to stab-to-death >_> A playboy character and somehow i found that he is too overacting >_>

Yuri (played by Minami) is a messed up character. She behave like a guy (hence the way she spreading her legs while walking instead of cat-walking >_>) A hyperactive girl with no brains lolz

Karen (played by Suzuki Emi) is the character i want to stab-to-death the most >_< Her role is a popular, beautiful with a super nice body which attracts most guys. Seriously, her appearance in this series is super ugly and i don't know what the make up guys are doing o_o Plus with her desire for rich guy, it made me more pissed :-@

Noriko (played by Kashii Yuu) is the "real" beautiful girl in this series. But... she also has a twisted characteristic, hate for men >_> but in the entire series she spent with Miroku, Seishiro, and Granmarie, she was ok. What the hell with that? o_o

So basically it is a-little-bit-bad drama to watch, i mean if you guys doesn't mind the awful characteristics with the main cast. Well, i'm bothered with that >_> But nevertheless, the actions were pretty good plus the adventure they got into were interesting. The ending was kind of so-so, so don't expect too much of it. Overall i can give it as 5/10 as the characters are sucks >_> I would recommend much this drama unless you are a big fan of those actors/actresses <_< Happy watching.



Anonymous said...

u seem to be wanting to stab all the cast in the show!! lol. pardon i have to leave comments cause when i read this post i seriously LOL-ed. but terpaksa control abit cause lol. office hours konon =( i cant spam ur chat box cause its blocked, so im spamming ur comments section!!!! LOL.

Heaven's Cloud said...

Hahahaha... seriously, almost all the characters are really bad xD Yea, later if u laugh by yourself, ppl starts to call u crazy already =p

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