29 June 2008

What the... Sodomy again??? Find a creative idea instead of this! =x

WARNING! Disturbing picture below. You have been warned.

Yes, once again the Malaysian politic turns into.... another stupid crisis. Yet once again, some people trying to come up with a conspiracy, same old conspiracy, buttsex =/

This time the PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim facing another case where this guy claimed that Anwar sodomized aka buttsex him. I know this sound stupid but, why don't you the conspirator think of something else that is more convincing >_< I know they are afraid that Anwar might succeed on the government-takeover rumors, but to act until like this, this is going to far :-@

I lol-ed hard xD

The logic is, why now? WHy don't just made a report ever since before the election? Ok if it happened after that, then why this guy didn't resist at all when he was about to get the "joy" of his life ever? >_> From the pic (u can find it in malaysian today), this guy seems quite tough. Plus it is not a gang-rape o_o Another thing that made it suspicious that this guy came as a volunteer during the previous election (a move to gain trust eh <_<). This guy also somehow is connected to the current Deputy Prime Minister's right man. So do you smell anything now? >_>

Well, now with little less information, i will see how this plot will thickens later. Will Anwar fall to this conspiracy? or Will Najib (Deputy PM) will gain the position as the Prime Minister since Badakwi can't control the crowd anymore? (this is still a rumor). Only time will tell o_o

*Writer illustration* Anwar buttsex-ing? >_>

P/s: I had to closed my eyes to find that picture in a gay site <_<'


25 June 2008

A Day Without You - Incident Part 3

A little warning, this post will made 'certain people' feel so touching till can cry. So go prepare some tissues before reading the rest of this post >_>

Ok... actually i'm one of the 'certain people' =( This post is dedicated to our girl whom currently stuck in the workshop for chassis straightening =( Below taken from "Here Without You" by 3 Doors Down <_<

A hundred days have made me older
Since the last time that I saw your pretty face
A thousand lies have made me colder
And I don't think I can look at this the same
But all the miles that separate
Disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face

I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
And I dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby
But you're still with me in my dreams
And tonight it's only you and me

The miles just keep rollin'
As the people leave their way to say hello
I've heard this life is overrated
But I hope that it gets better as we go

I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
And I dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby
But you're still with me in my dreams
And tonight girl its only you and me

Everything I know, and anywhere I go
It gets hard but it wont take away my love
And when the last one falls
When it's all said and done
It gets hard but it wont take away my love

I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
And I dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby
But you're still with me in my dreams
And tonight girl its only you and me


Somehow this song very close related to our current situation right now >_> Yeah, i missed all our stupid photoshoot and also suicidal touge run -_- A few of our retarded moments:

When someone farts in the car...

Searching for vanity...


Whatcha lookin at punk...

I shall pwned you anytime...

Against the law of physics...

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers...

Eager to listen to the king of the mountain pass...

But in reality.....

Still lots of things need to be repair >_>

Speaking of which, a few sets of videos that might reminisce something about the past <_< (Disclaimer: Due to some sort complication with Youtube, the video looks slower. If youtube has the ability to Fast-forward, then you will know how fast we went >_>)

Practicing 180 degree turn the same night before the incident...

Touge Run at Bangi part 1

Touge Run at Bangi Part 2

P/s: To Ryosuke aka Basyeer aka Car owner, don't kill me for this touching post =p


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22 June 2008

Darn... My Sis Finally Did It >_<

Finally... after a countless of advice and warnings.... my sis finally damaged my dad's Nissan Sentra >_< She was overconfident, saying that she likes the Sentra more better than my mum's Iswara, although the Sentra is bigger and very hard to turn -_- The fact that the way she handles the steering is slow and she sometimes messed up with the gas pedal and the clutch pedal timing (she revved the engine til 3k - 4k RPM and the clutch still not engaged -_-)

The damaged body x_x

The accident happened when she wants to park the car inside house. Upon coming in, she didn't realize the left side was very close to the gate and tada~ hit the gate's joint x_x After this, i'm not gonna ride with her, high risk of getting heart attack >_> If she gonna buy a car (she dreams on buying Proton Savvy >_>), i so gonna tell her to get an Auto transmission, so both her hands at the steering and no need to think about the clutch >_<

The gate's joint where she rammed it x_x

A close-up on the most damaged area x_x

This made me recall a scene last two weeks when both her and I went to Seremban. We are on the way back while she was driving. It was a traffic light at a slope. Upon green, she tried to move but the car slide backwards! and at our back, it was a BMW!!! @__@ She slides a few time and i desperately holding the handbrake. If i didn't, at least RM3000 need to spend to replace the BMW's front bumper that was sitting at the back of our car -_-'

Lesson of the day, don't let rookies feel overconfident with their driving -_-


20 June 2008

A Short Meeting with a Fellow Blogger, Blovvfly aka Kitleen =D

Last week i met a fellow blogger that goes by the name Blovvfly aka Teh Fly aka Kitleen. What is her real name? I have no idea xD The main reason for the 'date' is because i need to give her the item that i promised to give, her custom laptop cooler. The picture of the completed custom laptop cooler can be found at the Mazda RX-7 FC3S Recovery - Incident Part 2 post.

Actually i built my own personal laptop cooler during my end semester break due to too much free time. The post can be found here: Teh Innovation. Somehow she was inspired by it and asked me to built it. Lucky i have enough spare parts to built another one =)

At first, we met at the KLCC somewhere around last month as we discussed about the project and let her take a look at the real thing, my laptop cooler (in case she has a second thought after seeing my 'superior' skill xD). The next thing, i mapped down her laptop back-design especially the fan and the ventilation hole. We chatted for an hour, then it is time to call it a day as both her and i had another important things to do =)

The next month (June), we arranged to meet up again as she wants to pick up the finished product. We decided to meet up at Mid Valley Megamall. She was.... pretty.... late >_> Maybe next time i should punish her for being late =p To make the story more complicated, she offered me a lunch (which i'm happy about it =D) but she asked me if pork-based dishes can or not. I was like o_o' I hope she was joking (although somehow she looks doesn't <_<). In the end, we decided to go to the new-opened Carl's Jr. I SWEAR they adjusted the price as i can see the price tags are not properly aligned :-@ But luckily the burgers there were good and goddamn big o_o so forgiven >_>

She arrived around 12:30pm and we separated around 4pm, yeah, quite long, just spending talking and talking (main issues is of course politics xD).

A memento before leaving =)

As i got back, my cousins are waiting. Later we went to Alamanda Putrajaya to play bowling until 2am!! The next day i woke up, i can barely stand as my knees are shaking -_-'


17 June 2008

Few Upgrades For My Mum's Car =D

Since certain people already bored with my wedding crasher post (i went there because i can get free food you know >_>), so now i presented to you guys, the Boy's Expensive Big Toys a.k.a Car =p

Recently i add some mods to my mum's car =p. The first mods was adding a brand new powerful rear speaker, a 6x9 3-way Pioneer TS-A6972E speaker =)

The Speaker =)

The cost? RM250 with the installation. It is quite a good price as the current market price can reach up to RM300 for this speaker model.

Top view of the speaker after getting it out from the box

The back view of the speaker magnet

During installation

Tada~ Finished =D

Due to my standard audio player, the difference is not that great. But when i connected it with my Sony Ericsson w700i via a 12V FM player, the sound was damn great =D But still, i need to do a further enhancement in order to produce a richer sound. So now i need to buy a front/mid speaker, amplifier, and a new audio player soon. As for tweeter, crossover, and subwoofer, that can wait later =)

A set of front/mid speaker with tweeter and crossover worth RM260, but Pincer brand, never heard of it, so don't want to buy it xD

I want to buy that player x_x

So as for now, my wish-list for an enjoyable ride will be:

Pioneer Audio Player

Pioneer Front/Mid speaker

and Pioneer Amplifier

Yes, i will dedicate Pioneer to my car xD Pioneer is a good audio brand after all =)

Besides the audio upgrade, i also need to consider the security of the car as currently there is no any alarm system for the car at all >_< The previous stock alarm was removed by my dad a few years ago due to unknown reason. I asked him, he said he had forgotten as it was a long ago >_>

After discussing with my friend Amir, i decided to focus on the security issue first. So i went to the car shop to get myself a Tenon 2-way car alarm system that worth RM370 plus the installation for RM40.

The box of the alarm

Along the installation process, i found out that the central-locking device at the driver side was already damaged as it can't control the central-locking anymore. So another RM30 to replace a new one $_$ The process of installing was quite difficult as there are a lot wires that need to be cut and connected.

This alarm is really cool. Besides the normal lock and unlock, it has several other functions as well. So far from what i managed to understand, i can even lock my trunk and it only can be open via the remote (but i need to add RM60 for the device >_>), a turbo timer (but my car is not a turbocharger engine, so kinda of useless >_>), whole car sensor (which mean the alarm will set even when someone try to knock other part of the car), 2km range detection, an engine auto-start (which i like =D ), and the awesome 2 way alarm system (whereby normal alarm only provide 1 way which remote-to-car, but this 2 way alarm also provide car-to-remote communication which will inform the user that the car alarm has been set on).

During the installation process

So in the end, everything went fine, now i can use the alarm system =) Before too late, i asked to installed a front small tint to the car which cost me RM10. So the total money spent was RM450 x_x Oh well, this is my investment as i need this car when i start working later, maybe around September or October this year =)

By the time i got home, my mum keep asking me about the price, but i just say it is secret xD If she knows the amount, she will kill me for sure >_> But i guess the expression from my dad made my day. The alarm will lock all the doors whenever u started driving when you pressed the brake pedal. My dad said to me:

"Later if the car got fire, then i will die trapped in the car la..?"

I were like blur a few seconds -_- Of course you can override the lock by manually lift off the lock and can get out from the car >_<

Oh well, now my bank savings left with RM20, now where should i go and dig some more money.....? >_>


15 June 2008

A Day Spent Helping My Granpa

Last week i had to help my granpa with his wedding catering somewhere around Badminton Stadium Cheras. It was indeed a very busy day as the fact that... we are totally lack of manpower x_x I think there were only about less than 10 people (mostly just my cousins, uncles and aunties) to handle the dining hall. During the off peak (when the bride and groom haven't arrive), but when they came at 2pm, all hell break loose, most of us were totally tired down to earth @_@ But in the end, i'm glad that everything went ok with little less complaints from the guests although we are totally lack of people =)

Preparing to make the newlyweds dishes

The drinks and foods for the guests are ready and loaded x)

Decorating the newlyweds dishes

The newlyweds altar, quite high xD

The DeeJay =)

The feast, no, hell begun >_>

The peak hour where most of us already half dead x_x

We stole the newlyweds leftover dishes, yummy xDDD

Finally, the crazy crowd has dispersed x_x

Time to clean and pack things up =)

Then we played bowling with my cousins x)

Disturbing my sis concentration =p


13 June 2008

WQU1278, a DRUNK Special Task Police whom use his pistol at an innocent civilian! =x

it just happened an hour ago where my friends (three peoples) and I were chatting at their backyard about the RX-7 recovery when a speedy Green Scrambler motorcycle with its number plate WQU 1278 passed by us at a very high speed. This scrambler happen want to take shortcut road where Right-Turn is NOT allowed and almost hit a taxi that want to go in the corner.

The summary of the incident

But actually those two didn't hit each other but the driver of the scrambler seems doesn't satisfied with the taxi (and for God sake, they were the one who is in wrong position as they want to make an illegal turn). They stopped at the side of the road and the driver of the scrambler started to scold the taxi driver (the taxi driver is innocent o_o).

As their argument is getting more serious, both of my friends decided try to intervene just in case they will start a fight. As for me and another friend, we decided to stay back as we have no whatsoever martial arts skill >_> (while the other two are black belts holder in Taekwondo >_>). When my friends are getting near, the scrambler guy said "you kids who don't know anything just buzz off" (excuse me, we are 24 ok? o_o).

The argument is getting worst and the taxi driver started to walk at the back of his car. Then the worse case scenario happened. The scrambler guy eventually reach out something from his back and it turn out to be a PISTOL o_O! He shouted that he is a police and he will shoot the taxi driver. He forced the taxi driver to open his car boot and threaten to take him to the police station. The taxi driver did as what he were told and open the car boot. It was nothing!

My friends and i were quite shocked because it turned out to be a pistol. Nothing we can do versus a pistol -_- We called 999 and asked for police backup. Somehow the taxi driver pleads him then the scrambler guy took off his gun while shouting something like "Don't play with us police!". Then he wore back his helmet, his friend that sit at the back gets on the scrambler (notice: the guy at the back didn't do anything, kinda like blur or something) and left the scene.

Then all of us went to the taxi driver to make sure everything is okay while waiting for the police patrol car to arrive. Surprisingly, they didn't come at all >_< This is just plain bullshit. Then the police station called my friend again to confirm the scrambler registration number, WQU 1278.

The most shocking part is they told us that was a SPECIAL CRIME POLICE FORCE, a real force which they will drive a green colored scrambler!!! But the part which left me very dissatisfied are:

1) They are just plain-clothed at that moment
2) They just simply showed their pistol to the civilian
3) The taxi driver claimed that the guy smell like alcohol
4) They are the police and they were the one who is at fault by trying to take an illegal right turn
5) The patrol car didn't arrive at all

Somehow this clearly showed me that our police is not really disciplined at all. Should i say we can't trust them at all. The one who is in a Special Crime Force, is doing the biggest crime. One thing for sure i learned from this event:

Our safety are pretty much screwed with this kind of police exist in our community >_>


09 June 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

This is my attempt to get free tickets for a new movie named Hancock, courtesy from NuffNang =D (Nuffnang Exclusive Private Screening - Hancock)

Superheros, nice in fairy tales, but pain in the ass in this reality world >_> Seriously when you think carefully.


For example this guy above, the infamous even a 2 years old baby can recognize, Superman <_< Yeah yeah, he can travel in the speed of light and save people, even can hear people in trouble far far away o_o But you know, if he (Superman >_>) is were to exist (or should i say live in Malaysia <_<), do you think the Malaysian government will allow him to live here in Malaysia? The answer is.... NO =p Why? Because he will not be the role model of superheroes, but instead, the role model of indecent or shameless act xD Why? Because of the abnormal attire of underwear xD

Here in Malaysia where an Islamic country plus the citizen moral is very decent, for sure i bet the religious officer would try to sue him for being indecent to public xD Well, in Malaysia people will hear this kind of saying:

"Look, It's a Bird, no It's a Plane, No It's a RED UNDERWEAR!!!"

Yeah it would be like that >_>

Besides, IF i were to be a Superman instead of the nerd Clark Kent, i'll be fully maximize the use of my SEE-THROUGH to feed my sorry eyes =p And... if Superman has the same nature like me, using the 'special eyes' for 'special purpose'=p , later Malaysia will not be popular because of the pirated software, but popular because a wide scale range of..... spying videos >_> That means spying on people's shameless act and post or even sell it <_<

So later whenever you visit Youtube or any xxxtube, if you happen to come across some peeping videos on people doing (insert your own imagination here >_>) or even the video of you doing (insert your own imagination here again <_<)and you found this comment:

"video uploaded by SUPARMAN"

You'll know who is the culprit x_x


07 June 2008

Yippie! Now i'm on www.HeavenCloud.Net =D

Yippie!!! \(^o^)/

After one day messing up with the domain configurations, making blogspot and the domain clashed with each other, finally i managed to get it right x)

Yesh ladies and gentlemens, now i'm officially switching from to =D

The previous name was quite long and hard to remember (thanks to the "7" >_> and also thanks to the person who registered heavencloud but already abandon his/her blog >_<). Since i have 2 of my friends working in 2 different web-hosting company, it made me easier to bought the domain x) But in the end, i had to settled with a .net instead of .com (coz a goon registered the .com 3 months earlier >_< and didn't even make a proper site x_x). Oh well, .net is good enough rather than going for some odd name like .info or .org >_>

Yosh, gonna promote my new domain to all my friends xDDD


05 June 2008

RapidKL Bus is going to change their ticketing system this July..?

Yeah, I don’t know whether this is true or not, but I’ve been asking several RapidKL bus drivers since this morning when I’m on the way to my class. They said most probably RapidKL bus going to change their ticketing system where the ticket from July onwards, you can't re-use the ticket anymore.

Yes, so that mean for those people (me >_>) that somehow managed to save expenses by hopping several buses that using same ticket, by July, you can't enjoy that privilege anymore =( Yeah, from that onwards, it will revert back to the old system, where you buy ticket everytime you hop in a bus =( The bus driver said this system was actually planned to be implemented this month (June), but somehow they decided to wait a little longer.

The main question is, will the price remain the same? But then you will have to buy each ticket whenever you hop a bus. One hint for sure, the driver said, they might slightly, yea slightly decrease the fare (maybe 10 or 20 cent <_<) for each ticket. But anyhow, you will have to wait. The most important, you are going to spent more >_>

I'm going to die paying these tickets everytime i go to classes x_x

I also asked the KTM worker about a possible raise in fare. But they immediately said No as KTM is part of the government, so they are somehow, subsidized (maybe <_<) and they won't increase price (i hope >_>). As for the LRT, the answer was "Don't know". Since buses under RapidKL is doing some changes, the LRT which will be affected with the increasing cost of electricity this July, i bet they also will increase their price >_<

My 'Bling-Bling' >_>

So in the end, if you happen to see a person holding so much coins during at the ticket counter, that is definitely going to be me xD Yeah, scratching every coins until the last drop of my blood in this new dawn of Malaysia >_>

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