01 June 2008

Bamboo Blade

If you ever thought that this anime is just a simple plain boring kendo club, you are mistaken =p This is a comedy packed with some fighting action with some lolicon kendo fighters (somehow that doesn't sounds right xD) Apparently guys in this series doesn't play an important role, but as a joke materials (especially Ishida-sensei >_>). Actually this group of 5 was brought due to a stupid reason, a bet between Ishida-sensei and his friend which his friend offered a year of sushi supply if Ishida can win the Kendo Championship. Well, this is how the story begins.

The main actor for this anime is Kawazoe Tamaki, an innocent young *coughlolicough* <_< girl which practice kendo ever since she was still a kid. This is because her family has a kendo dojo which given her father and mother also practice kendo. In this story, for some reason, her mom passed away while she was still a kid. You can see some flashback about her especially during Tamaki's match. Besides naive, emotionless, and innocent, she hardly has any hobbies except kendo and.... Blade Braver, her favorite anime show <_<

The captain of the team, Chiba Kirino, a hyperactive and happy-go-lucky character in this series. She is quite a reliable captain when it comes to important time like during match. Somehow she also kinda a sharp person that can read other people mind and predict what they are thinking. It is funny when seeing someone fell for what she predicted xD

Kuwahara Sayako, a complete hyperactive random character in the team <_< She likes being random at all the time. Some of her random moments will make you goes like this o_o'

The next member will be Azuma Satori, a klutz and airhead >_> She will appear a little bit later in the story though. She actually leaned kendo from little but she decided to quit because she can't concentrate on school, but that is just an excuse >_> She is quite skillful and can almost the same par with Tamaki, but due to the duration that she didn't practice kendo, she kinda lost her touch a bit. But nevetheless, an entertaining character =)

Lastly, Miyazaki Miyako a.k.a Miyamiya, who is a student that joined the club because of her boyfriend, Eiga Danjuro. You will be surprised with this couple combination whereby Miyamiya is beautiful while Eiga is..... see it for yourself >_> U gonna love the reactions when they found out that both of them are couple xDDD Miyamiya although looks nice in her outside appearance, but she also has another dark personality which only will come out whenever she is pissed. She is the weakest team member though =p

Overall i can give it as 8/10. A nice story with plenty of good laugh. There is also some hint for a second season, but yet still no news about it. For those who want an action anime with good of laugh, this would be for you =) Hope you will have a good day when watching this as i did x)



Anonymous said...

I laughed so much when I watched this too. I loved it! I laughed so much I had tears in my eyes. XD

But I did not break my bed from laughing too hard. >.>

Heaven's Cloud said...

Who broke the bed? I never heard such thing >.>

Anonymous said...

I know! Isn't that crazy? <.<

I heard there was once a guy in Malaysia who broke his bed from laughing, and laughing about Naan and Japanese bread. >.>

It is too crazy to believe. It will be a legend some day...

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