22 June 2008

Darn... My Sis Finally Did It >_<

Finally... after a countless of advice and warnings.... my sis finally damaged my dad's Nissan Sentra >_< She was overconfident, saying that she likes the Sentra more better than my mum's Iswara, although the Sentra is bigger and very hard to turn -_- The fact that the way she handles the steering is slow and she sometimes messed up with the gas pedal and the clutch pedal timing (she revved the engine til 3k - 4k RPM and the clutch still not engaged -_-)

The damaged body x_x

The accident happened when she wants to park the car inside house. Upon coming in, she didn't realize the left side was very close to the gate and tada~ hit the gate's joint x_x After this, i'm not gonna ride with her, high risk of getting heart attack >_> If she gonna buy a car (she dreams on buying Proton Savvy >_>), i so gonna tell her to get an Auto transmission, so both her hands at the steering and no need to think about the clutch >_<

The gate's joint where she rammed it x_x

A close-up on the most damaged area x_x

This made me recall a scene last two weeks when both her and I went to Seremban. We are on the way back while she was driving. It was a traffic light at a slope. Upon green, she tried to move but the car slide backwards! and at our back, it was a BMW!!! @__@ She slides a few time and i desperately holding the handbrake. If i didn't, at least RM3000 need to spend to replace the BMW's front bumper that was sitting at the back of our car -_-'

Lesson of the day, don't let rookies feel overconfident with their driving -_-



raidablaike said...

Poor car.
Incidents like that cannot be evaded, even the professional users of cars can made the same mistake. Though I'll bet that she
s going to be scolded from day 'till night by your parents :P

Heaven's Cloud said...

Haha. Too bad, she didnt got scold by my dad. He just sigh and i think my sis right now is in a phobia right now =p

kitsuna said...

well well

looks like both of our sister have the same interest

they both should meet again and create "Car Wreckers" club


Heaven's Cloud said...

Your sis is more like "car durability tester" >_>

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