15 June 2008

A Day Spent Helping My Granpa

Last week i had to help my granpa with his wedding catering somewhere around Badminton Stadium Cheras. It was indeed a very busy day as the fact that... we are totally lack of manpower x_x I think there were only about less than 10 people (mostly just my cousins, uncles and aunties) to handle the dining hall. During the off peak (when the bride and groom haven't arrive), but when they came at 2pm, all hell break loose, most of us were totally tired down to earth @_@ But in the end, i'm glad that everything went ok with little less complaints from the guests although we are totally lack of people =)

Preparing to make the newlyweds dishes

The drinks and foods for the guests are ready and loaded x)

Decorating the newlyweds dishes

The newlyweds altar, quite high xD

The DeeJay =)

The feast, no, hell begun >_>

The peak hour where most of us already half dead x_x

We stole the newlyweds leftover dishes, yummy xDDD

Finally, the crazy crowd has dispersed x_x

Time to clean and pack things up =)

Then we played bowling with my cousins x)

Disturbing my sis concentration =p



Falcon said...

Lama tak pi kenduri dah..lain kali jemput k..LOL

Heaven's Cloud said...

Haha boleh-boleh. Lain kali mesti jumput punye xD

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