09 June 2008

Not Your Average Super Hero

This is my attempt to get free tickets for a new movie named Hancock, courtesy from NuffNang =D (Nuffnang Exclusive Private Screening - Hancock)

Superheros, nice in fairy tales, but pain in the ass in this reality world >_> Seriously when you think carefully.


For example this guy above, the infamous even a 2 years old baby can recognize, Superman <_< Yeah yeah, he can travel in the speed of light and save people, even can hear people in trouble far far away o_o But you know, if he (Superman >_>) is were to exist (or should i say live in Malaysia <_<), do you think the Malaysian government will allow him to live here in Malaysia? The answer is.... NO =p Why? Because he will not be the role model of superheroes, but instead, the role model of indecent or shameless act xD Why? Because of the abnormal attire of underwear xD

Here in Malaysia where an Islamic country plus the citizen moral is very decent, for sure i bet the religious officer would try to sue him for being indecent to public xD Well, in Malaysia people will hear this kind of saying:

"Look, It's a Bird, no It's a Plane, No It's a RED UNDERWEAR!!!"

Yeah it would be like that >_>

Besides, IF i were to be a Superman instead of the nerd Clark Kent, i'll be fully maximize the use of my SEE-THROUGH to feed my sorry eyes =p And... if Superman has the same nature like me, using the 'special eyes' for 'special purpose'=p , later Malaysia will not be popular because of the pirated software, but popular because a wide scale range of..... spying videos >_> That means spying on people's shameless act and post or even sell it <_<

So later whenever you visit Youtube or any xxxtube, if you happen to come across some peeping videos on people doing (insert your own imagination here >_>) or even the video of you doing (insert your own imagination here again <_<)and you found this comment:

"video uploaded by SUPARMAN"

You'll know who is the culprit x_x


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