06 July 2008

Shakugan no Shana II

I bet some people would be getting sick of the non-stop car-related posts previously by me >_> So as a change-of-mood post, lets continue with the some of the anime reviews that i recently done watching it =)

Yeah, the queen of lolicon fire is back xD This time with more actions and lots (i tell you, lots >_>) of drama. This is the second installment for Shakugan no Shana that was previously released around 2 years ago. Since it is a continuation from the previous series, the storyline plus the characters remain the same. The storyline for this season is mostly about relationship drama between Shana and Yoshida. Frankly i say, half of the episodes are about this boring stuff >_< Later of the series then they will start fighting seriously. As you know, the Bell Masque still alive after the first season. Right now they are conducting experiments and plan to recapture back the Hougo that resides within Yuuji. So now Shana, Yuuji, Margery and friends will have to fight Hecate and the Bell Masque fiercely.

Innocent hero Sakai Yuuji (voiced by Hino Satoshi) is a clueless guy which were blessed with an unlimited Power of Existence due to the Hougu that live inside him. In this series, he finally found what he suppose to do, fight along with Shana. So he started to take the training seriously and acquired a weapon. But nevertheless, he is still insensitive towards Shana's and Yoshida's feeling towards him >_>

Shana a.k.a Flame Haze a.k.a Enpatsu Shakugan no Uchite (voiced by Kugimiya Rie <3 ) is determine to make Yuuji realized her feelings towards him. But everytime she wanted to confess, there is always something that will get in the way <_< In this series, i can say 50% of her screen times are about her trying to show her affectionate towards Yuuji and fighting with Yoshida x__x

Yoshida Kazumi (voiced by Kawasumi Ayako) is a big breast girl whom desperately trying to win Yuuji over Shana. But thanks to Yuuji insensitiveness, all the efforts are in vain xD Due to she once accidentally being pulled into the Fuzetsu, she now can be part of the team, but useless >_> Later in the story, she will be given some last-resort power by a Guze no Tomogara. Her ultimate rival is Shana but actually she didn't realize that someone else is having a crush at her in secret.

Basically this story is about the character's development towards each other. As a mini spoiler, Hecate also will made a special appearance, but I won't tell you how =p Yoshida and Shana rivalry is annoying as always >_< The first-half of the story are filled with drama. But the fight scenes are cool and very interesting to watch =) Overall i can give it a 7/10 as the Shana vs Yoshida stuff really turns me off >_> Hope you will enjoy watching =)



raidablaike said...

Shakugan no shana eh? I'll give it a 7/10 since it has a good battle scenes and heart breaking musics such Blaze and Joint :P

Heaven's Cloud said...

but too much drama and shana vs yoshida stuff, no good =p

raidablaike said...

heh, If they put that away on the series and put more action, maybe this anime will be much more better than Ttgl.

The ending tells me that there will be another sequel :P

Heaven's Cloud said...

lol... TTGL is still the best =p

Yea there will be a 3rd season. Zero no tsukaima also reaching the 3rd season, Hino Satoshi x Kugimiya Rie couple again lolz

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