20 June 2008

A Short Meeting with a Fellow Blogger, Blovvfly aka Kitleen =D

Last week i met a fellow blogger that goes by the name Blovvfly aka Teh Fly aka Kitleen. What is her real name? I have no idea xD The main reason for the 'date' is because i need to give her the item that i promised to give, her custom laptop cooler. The picture of the completed custom laptop cooler can be found at the Mazda RX-7 FC3S Recovery - Incident Part 2 post.

Actually i built my own personal laptop cooler during my end semester break due to too much free time. The post can be found here: Teh Innovation. Somehow she was inspired by it and asked me to built it. Lucky i have enough spare parts to built another one =)

At first, we met at the KLCC somewhere around last month as we discussed about the project and let her take a look at the real thing, my laptop cooler (in case she has a second thought after seeing my 'superior' skill xD). The next thing, i mapped down her laptop back-design especially the fan and the ventilation hole. We chatted for an hour, then it is time to call it a day as both her and i had another important things to do =)

The next month (June), we arranged to meet up again as she wants to pick up the finished product. We decided to meet up at Mid Valley Megamall. She was.... pretty.... late >_> Maybe next time i should punish her for being late =p To make the story more complicated, she offered me a lunch (which i'm happy about it =D) but she asked me if pork-based dishes can or not. I was like o_o' I hope she was joking (although somehow she looks doesn't <_<). In the end, we decided to go to the new-opened Carl's Jr. I SWEAR they adjusted the price as i can see the price tags are not properly aligned :-@ But luckily the burgers there were good and goddamn big o_o so forgiven >_>

She arrived around 12:30pm and we separated around 4pm, yeah, quite long, just spending talking and talking (main issues is of course politics xD).

A memento before leaving =)

As i got back, my cousins are waiting. Later we went to Alamanda Putrajaya to play bowling until 2am!! The next day i woke up, i can barely stand as my knees are shaking -_-'


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