29 June 2008

What the... Sodomy again??? Find a creative idea instead of this! =x

WARNING! Disturbing picture below. You have been warned.

Yes, once again the Malaysian politic turns into.... another stupid crisis. Yet once again, some people trying to come up with a conspiracy, same old conspiracy, buttsex =/

This time the PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim facing another case where this guy claimed that Anwar sodomized aka buttsex him. I know this sound stupid but, why don't you the conspirator think of something else that is more convincing >_< I know they are afraid that Anwar might succeed on the government-takeover rumors, but to act until like this, this is going to far :-@

I lol-ed hard xD

The logic is, why now? WHy don't just made a report ever since before the election? Ok if it happened after that, then why this guy didn't resist at all when he was about to get the "joy" of his life ever? >_> From the pic (u can find it in malaysian today), this guy seems quite tough. Plus it is not a gang-rape o_o Another thing that made it suspicious that this guy came as a volunteer during the previous election (a move to gain trust eh <_<). This guy also somehow is connected to the current Deputy Prime Minister's right man. So do you smell anything now? >_>

Well, now with little less information, i will see how this plot will thickens later. Will Anwar fall to this conspiracy? or Will Najib (Deputy PM) will gain the position as the Prime Minister since Badakwi can't control the crowd anymore? (this is still a rumor). Only time will tell o_o

*Writer illustration* Anwar buttsex-ing? >_>

P/s: I had to closed my eyes to find that picture in a gay site <_<'



kitsuna said...

worst, theres also rumors that there a hit on Anwar head
as precaustion move, Anwar said been taking refuge in Turkish embassy


acura said...

This is very worrying indeed. He can't possibly be raped by a 60 year old with back problem right? Doesn't make sense at all

TNH said...

Agree..they should be creative and not hoping the old tactic will work to lead the country if there are problem even in thinking a new tactic

Arturia ''Dragonil'' Godric said...


Man that really shocked me. Lucky I manage to scroll down.

You should put some spoiler tags.

Anyways, the news of him hiding and the sodomi allegations and his murder threat made me laugh. Really. Why now?

Heaven's Cloud said...

@kitsuna: Still rumors. it might be a gimmick though. But then again, altantuya got exploded, so anwar might face the same thing =/

@acura: Yes, that is what the part that doesn't made sense. If i gonna find this guy, i'll break his 'didi' >_>

@tnh: lolz yeah, if corruption or something else, then we might a little bit distracted. But the same old stuff, only fools would think that o_o

@shiro: lolz.. i dunno how to use spoilers in blog xD I did put a warning at the first line of the post, so u have been warned =p I think they might want to distract people about the Rosmah relation with Altantuya. This is what i've seen recently, lots of news got distracted by those BN people creating another BIG news of their own >_>

cry4freedom. said...

ZOMFG! You found teh pictar, we're doomed! It's over 9000!

I clap my hands for your guts to find the picture, my dear friend. Hahaha. The truth has been prevailed. We should believe the fact that Anwar gave him suprise buttsecks, petrol price will not increase til' August, Pak Lah didn't dismiss the parliament and Najib didn't blow Altantuya into pieces. We should believe.

Hooray, this is Malaysia!

Heaven's Cloud said...

Hahaha... thanks to Viagra, Anwar made it's over 9000! suprise buttsecks to saiful xD

BN, where everything is possible "Boleh" =p

Anonymous said...

baka awang. please use spoiler tags. spoiling my clean brain. >_<

raidablaike said...

o.o! Buttsecks

I thought politicians here in my country are bad enough in doing excuses.

Heaven's Cloud said...

@kit: i dunno how to use it <_< >_>

@raida: politicians here much more brutal, from sodomy to planting explosive lolz xD

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